Apply For Our Booster Programme 2017

Collider Booster Programme Accelerator We're back with our next Booster Programme, which means we're on the look out for the very best MadTech startups – but what is it we're looking for, and what exactly do we offer?


You'll have a top notch team, confirmed your product market fit and have a clear roadmap to success. Now you need that extra boost and on the hunt for the shortcut to success – it's contacts, exposure, mentoring, coaching and access to your industry: MadTech.


It's all about supercharging our startups – our booster programme will accelerate your sales, exposure and network. Join us and interact with our family of startups, brands, investors and mentors, fine tune your sales and pipeline management and ultimately get your shortcut to the market.


You’ll interact with Collider’s trusted major brand and agency partner network through targeted, curated sessions, giving you a massive time-saving short cut to market.

You’ll get the chance to interact with the Collider family - over 30 startups, 70 investors and even more brands and mentors.

You’ll participate in interactive and impactful sessions to boost your business, all fine tuned to make sure your sales, pipeline management, investment and scaling are a systematic part of what you do.


You’ll get the chance to interact with the Collider family - over 30 startups, 70 investors and even more brands and mentors; be a key player in our Collider Community.


Targeted access to the Collider networks; consistent and curated meetings designed for maximum impact; weekly workshops with the cream of the industry; investment readiness; expert coaching from our co-founder.


You’ll participate in interactive and impactful sessions to boost your business, all fine tuned to make sure your sales, pipeline management, investment and scaling are a systematic part of what you do.

Applications are Open for the Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Applications LONDON | 16/06/2016

Collider, London’s leading marketing and adtech (or MadTech) accelerator has opened for entries to its fifth accelerator programme.

The programme offers startups up to £80K in equity funding for up to a one-year mentorship driven programme. Collider also partners with global brands and agencies who are looking to work directly with startups. Up to 10 startups will receive £30K equity investment for a four-month Collision Phase programme with 130+ hours of support.

  • The programme focuses on providing the necessary customer feedback early-stage startups need to scale
  • Expert mentorship from veteran entrepreneurs and senior brands and agency executives occurs weekly throughout the first four months
  • Post-Collision Phase, up to five startups will receive £50K equity investment, and a further 8 months’ support from Collider, the Growth Phase
  • By the end of one year, startups should have enough market traction to raise a late seed or Series A investment round
  • Investment comes from smart Angel Investors with a unique offering they bring to startups from the marketing and advertising world, who also participate in the programme as mentors

The four-month programme is designed to provide enough customer feedback for startups to have trials in the pipeline by Demo Day. In 2016, over 200 brand and agency individuals attended the Demo Day, a commercial launch for the Class of 2016 startup cohort.

Current Corporate partners of Collider include Asda, DigitasLBi, dunnhumby, Exterion Media, Haymarket, Ogilvy & Mather Group UK, Puma, Reevoo, The National Lottery and Unilever. Collider has invested in 34 startups in the MadTech industry over the past four years.

Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider says: “Industry leaders are approaching us because of the structured programme and framework we provide, and startups come to us because of the tailored mentorship and connections in our network. Brands and agencies have understood they need to work with startups to stay ahead of their competition. We provide the framework and guidance for them to do this with measured returns.”

Jubair Jalil, Co-Founder SyncSpot, Collider Class of 2015 says; "Collider puts the SMART in smart money! The contacts, exposure and mentorship are priceless."

Startups can apply on f6s at the following link: Applications for the Class of 2017 close 16th October, 2016. The Programme begins early December, 2016.

MadTech Visual

rtobjects Partners with Drive Automotive Design Consultancy


LONDON, 20 June 2016

rtobjects, the visualisation start up, and Drive, the leading automotive design and visualisation studio, today announce their partnership.

Humans are intensely visual creatures, and better imagery delivers clear commercial benefit — both in speeding the design process and helping people research products before they buy them. But the nature of imagery online has not changed significantly in the last 20 years — websites typically just deliver pre-shot images or videos.

rtobjects has developed a ground-breaking technology to deliver personal interactive movie experiences into the web-browser on any device without the need for plug-ins or downloads.

Drive develops and delivers outstanding design and digital visualisations across a range of sectors, with a primary focus on automotive.

The partnership will allow the companies to deliver incredible cinematic and fully interactive visuals in the browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

This will allow their clients to conceive, create and deliver entirely new visual experiences on the devices that people already use as part of their day-to-day internet use.

For example, it will allow people to look around and configure a personalised version of a vehicle in real environments with photo-realistic detail, and then see that vehicle driving through any number of locations — desert, forest, city, or off-road. All delivered as movie-quality CGI into the consumer’s browser, and fully under the consumer’s control.

Chris Longmore, Director at Drive, commented: “We’ve worked with pretty much every visualisation tool you can think of, but rtobjects is really offering something new. We were impressed by the technology and the team, and want to work with them to bring completely new forms of visualisation to the market.”

Darren Poore, Visualisation Director at Drive, added: “Clients are constantly looking for more impressive, more immersive and more interactive visuals, and rtobjects deliver just that. And they do it on the devices that people already have — their desktops, tablets and mobiles. This partnership gives us direct access to a cutting edge technology and a significant competitive advantage.”

Craig Walmsley, Co-Founder of rtobjects stated: “Drive is one of the UK’s most respected design and visualisation studios — their track record of incredible work speaks for itself. Using our technology, we can now deliver these incredible visuals as part of a personal interactive movie experience. We are pleased and proud to partner with them — together we can realise our vision of making the Internet cinematic.”


About rtobjects: rtobjects delivers personal interactive movie experiences in the browser so people can really see and experience things before they buy them. Combining the rich visual worlds of games and movies, with the interactivity of digital, rtobjects makes the Internet cinematic in the scope and quality of its visuals. The company was created by Craig Walmsley, first and founding Strategist at AKQA, and Ian Monaghan, Neil Hutchinson and Matt Rubin, formerly of Black Rock and Big Bit Games Studios.

About Drive: Drive has established an enviable reputation for providing quality design and visualisation services to major automotive manufacturers. Their Creative CGI Studio works with automotive brands and their advertising and marketing agencies to create emotive, visual content for advertising, PR, web and print.

Top Cannes Lions tips for Founders

Cannes Lions 2015  

The advertising industry will be swarming the beach fronts of Cannes next week in the hopes of having their dreams fulfilled - taking home that golden Lion. And for first timers this can be an intimidating adventure. So we have compiled a list of things first-timers should know before hopping on the plane.


Your prep for Cannes should have started three weeks ago. If you're just getting started, fear not. You can still make it a profitable experience. Set measurable and achievable KPIs for your trip. Be that a set number of meaningful connections, follow-up meetings or journalist encounters. Set up individual meetings with your target list of customers outside of the regularly scheduled Cannes conference. Do your research on the people you'd like to meet. Serendipity can go far, but being prepared for it will help you achieve results.

Look for connections everywhere

Chances are, 50% of the flight you're on are going to Cannes. Your job doesn't start just on arrival at the hotel, but just past security. Start by making small conversation with the person next to you on the flight. Find out what sessions they'll be going to, which parties and why they're going to be there. Maybe they'll even invite you to tag along!

Ask Questions, No Pitching

You’re going to meet a lot of people, some will be potential customers, others maybe even investors. Don’t put them on a pedestal. Be respectful and have your one-liner ready explaining how you might be able to help them solve their problem/challenge.

Think about the questions you’ll ask them before explaining what you do to better tailor your one-liner– are they a connector, a customer, or a potential investor? Remember to keep the pitching to a minimum – no one likes to be talked at. Brush up on your industry knowledge to make starting conversations flow more easily.

Sell Solutions

These people want solutions to existing problems, not products. They don’t care about your tech, they care about whether you can make the famous (we are in Cannes, dahling)! Tell them how you’ll be able to make them more money or save them a ton of it.

Hustle Your way In

Hustle – big time. This is where your preparation will come in to play. You’ll know exactly who you want to meet, and where to be prior to checking in for your flight. Have your business cards at the ready. Want to get into that exclusive party? Make sure you know who to ask about that. Can't decide between the sponsored beach, and going off with your newest pals to maybe get into that brand party? Choose wisely. Keep a level head and don't float away with the hype. Though do go with the flow.

Take cards

As they’re always handy, but there’s a high chance you’ll lose them. Use LinkedIn there and then rather exchange cards if you can – the internet doesn’t get lost as easily. How about that Cannes Connect app? Have you downloaded it yet?

Reach out

Don’t stay put in one place. People move around, and you might miss an opportunity by staying at that party for one more drink. Go with the crowd, but also know when it’s time to walk your own path through the festival. Set up a messenger group with friends before going down so you can rely on multiple sets of eyes to know what's going on.

Aqua, Snacks, Data

Dress for a 14 hour day filled with walking. Take everything you'll need to go from conferencing, to partying on a yacht. Bottles of water are always handy to refill, food will be fleeting when paid for, and expensive when it's out of your own pocket. And pay for those four days of data - wifi is reliable at best.


Make sure you are well rested before heading to Cannes. You need to be on your best form. And be sure to get some sleep in Cannes. No one likes an early morning meeting where you’re still boozy from the night before.

Smile & Have Fun

You are in Cannes after all. Allow yourself to get wrapped up in the hype to get your adrenaline pumping, but keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Enjoy the buzz of the industry celebs, but always keep your objectives in sight.

Cannes Lions

Collider unveils the CEOs & advertising scalers joining the Mentor Network

DSCF7135 copy  

Over 10 changemakers have signed up to partake in a recently launched, structured Mentor Network for a selected number of Collider scale-ups. These founders are ready to scale their marketing and advertising technology startups, taking on a large number of clients, entering into new markets or raise their next round of institutional funding.

The hand-picked changemakers, CEOs of the UK’s MadTech success stories, will be actively coaching the next generation of leaders based in London – securing our status as the global leaders in MadTech. They include individuals who have previously scaled world-leading agencies across the world, built and sold industry leading MadTech companies, and are influencing the thought leaders of tomorrow.

Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider says: “To help Collider startups maintain the UK’s leading position on the world map in marketing and advertising, they need to learn from the best in the industry. So we have chosen the most successful leaders to give back to the industry by becoming dedicated mentors.”

These twice yearly sessions will be designed for maximum impact in the shortest possible time. Within a matter of hours, startup founders will create personal relationships with individuals who have scaled the industry’s brightest agencies and tech companies, setting the industry standard with their track records and best practices. Mentors will have the opportunity to network amongst their peers who have reached similar career milestones, as well as individuals just beginning on their journeys.

Sarah Wood, Co-Founder of Unruly says; “When you’re starting up a tech business, the learning curve is unbelievably steep. Talking to someone who’s “been there done that” can save both time and money and help to evolve a product, team or business model that’s far more likely to succeed. The best mentoring relationship is not a lecture; it’s a conversation between two people who are on the same journey and it is a privilege to be participating in Collider’s Mentoring Network, where I can share what I’ve learned with the next generation of leaders, and have the opportunity to learn from them as well!”

Sarah Wood founded Unruly in East London in 2006 and was acquired in 2015 by News Corp for £58M. She also champions internal mentoring programmes within Unruly, Co-founded the City Unrulyversity for aspiring entrepreneurs and lectures at the University of Cambridge.

Other mentors include; Jessica Butcher, Co-Founder of Blippar; Helen Calcraft, Founding Partner at Lucky Generals; Gabbi Cahane, Chairman Multiple; Richard Fearn, Founder of the Friday Club; Simon Menashy, Investment Director of MMC Ventures; Giles Palmer, CEO Brandwatch; Guy Wieynk, CEO Western Europe at Publicis Worldwide.

The first mentoring session will be held early July in Central London. Interested CEOs can get in touch with Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider directly.