Collider unveils the CEOs & advertising scalers joining the Mentor Network

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Over 10 changemakers have signed up to partake in a recently launched, structured Mentor Network for a selected number of Collider scale-ups. These founders are ready to scale their marketing and advertising technology startups, taking on a large number of clients, entering into new markets or raise their next round of institutional funding.

The hand-picked changemakers, CEOs of the UK’s MadTech success stories, will be actively coaching the next generation of leaders based in London – securing our status as the global leaders in MadTech. They include individuals who have previously scaled world-leading agencies across the world, built and sold industry leading MadTech companies, and are influencing the thought leaders of tomorrow.

Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider says: “To help Collider startups maintain the UK’s leading position on the world map in marketing and advertising, they need to learn from the best in the industry. So we have chosen the most successful leaders to give back to the industry by becoming dedicated mentors.”

These twice yearly sessions will be designed for maximum impact in the shortest possible time. Within a matter of hours, startup founders will create personal relationships with individuals who have scaled the industry’s brightest agencies and tech companies, setting the industry standard with their track records and best practices. Mentors will have the opportunity to network amongst their peers who have reached similar career milestones, as well as individuals just beginning on their journeys.

Sarah Wood, Co-Founder of Unruly says; “When you’re starting up a tech business, the learning curve is unbelievably steep. Talking to someone who’s “been there done that” can save both time and money and help to evolve a product, team or business model that’s far more likely to succeed. The best mentoring relationship is not a lecture; it’s a conversation between two people who are on the same journey and it is a privilege to be participating in Collider’s Mentoring Network, where I can share what I’ve learned with the next generation of leaders, and have the opportunity to learn from them as well!”

Sarah Wood founded Unruly in East London in 2006 and was acquired in 2015 by News Corp for £58M. She also champions internal mentoring programmes within Unruly, Co-founded the City Unrulyversity for aspiring entrepreneurs and lectures at the University of Cambridge.

Other mentors include; Jessica Butcher, Co-Founder of Blippar; Helen Calcraft, Founding Partner at Lucky Generals; Gabbi Cahane, Chairman Multiple; Richard Fearn, Founder of the Friday Club; Simon Menashy, Investment Director of MMC Ventures; Giles Palmer, CEO Brandwatch; Guy Wieynk, CEO Western Europe at Publicis Worldwide.

The first mentoring session will be held early July in Central London. Interested CEOs can get in touch with Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider directly.