Meet The Class of 2017: From The Crowd at Demo Day

With the very best in MadTech all under one roof, there were some incredible comments on social media throughout the day. Here's our round up of our Class of 2017 milestone Demo Day.

1. Sarah Wood being totally awesome.

Sarah Wood Collider Demo day


2. Jeremy Basset getting arty.

Jeremy Basset Collider Demo day


3. In response to Frenzi's pitch stating "banners are dead":

Rod Banner Collider Demo Day

4. Startacus loving Good-Loop, our Class of 2017 Demo Day winner.

Startacus Collider Demo Day

5. The Collider alumni being the lovely, supportive lot they are.

Seenit Collider Demo Day 2017


The Collider Class of 2017

Our Class of 2017 have been on one hell of a journey the past 16 weeks. They've met over 10 curious, ambitious brands helping them to validate their proposition, mingled with endless investors and presented some pretty incredible decks. So without further a do, please meet our 2017 startups.


Vensy logo Collider startup

Vensy is a platform that provides a simple way for brands to discover the best athletes to sponsor, powering their marketing campaigns, whilst also helping athletes build and monetise their marketability.


Frenzi Media is the fastest and easiest platform for brands to build and publish engaging interactive ad campaigns across different online and mobile publishers.

Frenzi Logo Collider


Rate8 is a mobile and web-based platform for consumers to get instant feedback on fashion and lifestyle items, from friends or via the Crowd. For brands, Rate8 represents a commercially viable source of item-based and user-based preference data.

Rate8 Collider


Péarlaí provides shopping centre managers with an easy to use platform which enables them to delight their shoppers, impress their tenants and provide detailed data to their landlords – all accessible to them at the click of button.

Péarlaí logo Collider


Good-Loop unites brands, publishers and people in the shared endeavour of converting advertising money into charitable donations.

Good Loop logo Collider


Tweepforce – the social media commerce platform, turning private messages into transactions.

Tweepforce logo Collider


AdLaunch enables simple, fast video creation and editing directly in your browser, so anyone can create good looking video content, not just professionals. The platform will soon include unique AI technology to enable even faster video creation based on image recognition and user data.

Adlaunch logo Collider


Greengame wants to make sustainable living the norm. Our tech automatically tracks people’s activities that impact the environment - and enables cities and brands to engage and reward them for living sustainably.

Greengame Collider logo

Apply For Our Booster Programme 2017

Collider Booster Programme Accelerator We're back with our next Booster Programme, which means we're on the look out for the very best MadTech startups – but what is it we're looking for, and what exactly do we offer?


You'll have a top notch team, confirmed your product market fit and have a clear roadmap to success. Now you need that extra boost and on the hunt for the shortcut to success – it's contacts, exposure, mentoring, coaching and access to your industry: MadTech.


It's all about supercharging our startups – our booster programme will accelerate your sales, exposure and network. Join us and interact with our family of startups, brands, investors and mentors, fine tune your sales and pipeline management and ultimately get your shortcut to the market.


You’ll interact with Collider’s trusted major brand and agency partner network through targeted, curated sessions, giving you a massive time-saving short cut to market.

You’ll get the chance to interact with the Collider family - over 30 startups, 70 investors and even more brands and mentors.

You’ll participate in interactive and impactful sessions to boost your business, all fine tuned to make sure your sales, pipeline management, investment and scaling are a systematic part of what you do.


You’ll get the chance to interact with the Collider family - over 30 startups, 70 investors and even more brands and mentors; be a key player in our Collider Community.


Targeted access to the Collider networks; consistent and curated meetings designed for maximum impact; weekly workshops with the cream of the industry; investment readiness; expert coaching from our co-founder.


You’ll participate in interactive and impactful sessions to boost your business, all fine tuned to make sure your sales, pipeline management, investment and scaling are a systematic part of what you do.

Selection Day: The Next MadTech Startups?

Selection Day has now been and gone – it was huge success, with lots of investors and brand partners in the room to help us make the decision. We have now picked our final startups and will announce this once final due diligence has completed.

Thank you once again to all those who invested in our Class of 2017 cohort – we’re super excited by the final group and where they’ll head from here onwards.

So from here on... watch this space. We've got a bunch of new startups we can't wait for you to meet!

Collider Accelerator Selection Day


Applications are Open for the Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Applications LONDON | 16/06/2016

Collider, London’s leading marketing and adtech (or MadTech) accelerator has opened for entries to its fifth accelerator programme.

The programme offers startups up to £80K in equity funding for up to a one-year mentorship driven programme. Collider also partners with global brands and agencies who are looking to work directly with startups. Up to 10 startups will receive £30K equity investment for a four-month Collision Phase programme with 130+ hours of support.

  • The programme focuses on providing the necessary customer feedback early-stage startups need to scale
  • Expert mentorship from veteran entrepreneurs and senior brands and agency executives occurs weekly throughout the first four months
  • Post-Collision Phase, up to five startups will receive £50K equity investment, and a further 8 months’ support from Collider, the Growth Phase
  • By the end of one year, startups should have enough market traction to raise a late seed or Series A investment round
  • Investment comes from smart Angel Investors with a unique offering they bring to startups from the marketing and advertising world, who also participate in the programme as mentors

The four-month programme is designed to provide enough customer feedback for startups to have trials in the pipeline by Demo Day. In 2016, over 200 brand and agency individuals attended the Demo Day, a commercial launch for the Class of 2016 startup cohort.

Current Corporate partners of Collider include Asda, DigitasLBi, dunnhumby, Exterion Media, Haymarket, Ogilvy & Mather Group UK, Puma, Reevoo, The National Lottery and Unilever. Collider has invested in 34 startups in the MadTech industry over the past four years.

Rose Lewis, Co-Founder of Collider says: “Industry leaders are approaching us because of the structured programme and framework we provide, and startups come to us because of the tailored mentorship and connections in our network. Brands and agencies have understood they need to work with startups to stay ahead of their competition. We provide the framework and guidance for them to do this with measured returns.”

Jubair Jalil, Co-Founder SyncSpot, Collider Class of 2015 says; "Collider puts the SMART in smart money! The contacts, exposure and mentorship are priceless."

Startups can apply on f6s at the following link: Applications for the Class of 2017 close 16th October, 2016. The Programme begins early December, 2016.

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