Collider and Unruly Launch New MadTech Mentoring Scheme

What do you get when you cross the very best MadTech startups with some of the most incredible names in video AdTech?

Not a funny punch line, but a pretty impressive mentor network reserved only for Collider startups.

We're super excited to announce the launch of our brand new MadTech Mentoring Scheme, in collaboration with our good friends at Unruly.

The scheme is all about giving the opportunity for our startups to learn from the UK's bigger AdTech star, with some of their most senior and successful team members across five disciplines stepping up to offer help and support.

Paired especially based on the incredible skills of the Unruly team and the challenges of our startups, today marked the first of four mentoring sessions running across the year.

Unruly Co-Founder, Matt Cooke, opened the event.

Brilliant little speech from's Matt Cooke 💪🏼👌🏼

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Set in the Home – their zingy, innovative, state-of-the-art house packed with iOT and connected home tech, built smack in the middle of Unruly HQ, the location couldn't have been more perfect.

Joining us from Unruly included: Gel Goldsby – Reporting and Data Team Lead, Jule Owen – VP of Product, David Waterhouse – Global Director of PR and Content, Nat Clark – People Team Manager, Laura Thomas – Client Director and Olivia Goodman, Global People Director.

And from the Collider alumni we had Beem, Miappi, LivingLens, RTObjects, CampaignAmp and Release.

With five cohorts now behind us, this is the latest addition to our growing initiatives and partnerships in offering on going support to our alumni.

Unruly Collider MadTech Mentor Scheme
Unruly Collider MadTech Mentor Scheme

The Collider Class of 2017

Our Class of 2017 have been on one hell of a journey the past 16 weeks. They've met over 10 curious, ambitious brands helping them to validate their proposition, mingled with endless investors and presented some pretty incredible decks. So without further a do, please meet our 2017 startups.


Vensy logo Collider startup

Vensy is a platform that provides a simple way for brands to discover the best athletes to sponsor, powering their marketing campaigns, whilst also helping athletes build and monetise their marketability.


Frenzi Media is the fastest and easiest platform for brands to build and publish engaging interactive ad campaigns across different online and mobile publishers.

Frenzi Logo Collider


Rate8 is a mobile and web-based platform for consumers to get instant feedback on fashion and lifestyle items, from friends or via the Crowd. For brands, Rate8 represents a commercially viable source of item-based and user-based preference data.

Rate8 Collider


Péarlaí provides shopping centre managers with an easy to use platform which enables them to delight their shoppers, impress their tenants and provide detailed data to their landlords – all accessible to them at the click of button.

Péarlaí logo Collider


Good-Loop unites brands, publishers and people in the shared endeavour of converting advertising money into charitable donations.

Good Loop logo Collider


Tweepforce – the social media commerce platform, turning private messages into transactions.

Tweepforce logo Collider


AdLaunch enables simple, fast video creation and editing directly in your browser, so anyone can create good looking video content, not just professionals. The platform will soon include unique AI technology to enable even faster video creation based on image recognition and user data.

Adlaunch logo Collider


Greengame wants to make sustainable living the norm. Our tech automatically tracks people’s activities that impact the environment - and enables cities and brands to engage and reward them for living sustainably.

Greengame Collider logo

How To Be Successful In A Startup Accelerator

After relaunching our Collider quarterly MadTech drinks, it would only be right to get someone to say a few inspirational words to a room of startups, investors and brands, right? And that someone could only have been Carl Wong from Living Lens. Check out his top six tips to all startups on how to really get the most from an accelerator programme.

Carl Wong Living Lens Collider

1. Play the long game.

Don't ever forget who you've spoken to. Meet them. Follow up with them. Make demands of their time, but play the long game.

2. Keep at it.

It's bloody hard raising money, and much, much harder than you think it is now [early stage]. You have to keep at it, you have to keep going, and it's going to take three times as much effort and three times as long in terms of time. If you do keep at it, you will make it happen.

3. Craft your story.

That's a learnt skill, not an art. There's a way to tell your story, but make sure you know it inside out.

4. Be bold.

Show off. It's not about what you think you may be able to do, but what could you do if you had everybody behind you and all the starts aligned.

5. Be prepared.

You should be prepared for all the questions – that's what's going to help you in shaping, thinking about your product market fit, who your competitors are, what is your pricing, your distribution, how are you different from the rest, how do you prove that? Who is going to beat you? You need to know the answers to all of that because somebody is going to ask you and you need to be coherent.

6. Love it.

Have a brilliant time, because, do you know what? You may never get the exit. You may never even fundraise to the level that you want to. But if you keep thinking about tomorrow, you're not going to be able to enjoy today.

Collider MadTech drinks

Collider MadTech drinks

Collider MadTech drinks

A Year of Collider: 2016 in a Nutshell

What a year. We’ve crashed, bumped, smacked, bashed incredible people with incredible businesses – it really has been quite the collision – or whatever cheesy pun you’d like to go for. But all jokes aside, 2016 has turned up some seriously exciting moments. Here’s our top 2016:


1. Collider’s very own first exit – Avocarrot

Avocarrot Team Members

Mobile ad exchanger and Collider alumni, Avocarrot, sold to Glipsa Global Group back in September for $20 million dollars.

Avocarrot joined our first ever accelerator programme back in 2013 and didn’t take them long before they headed off to San Francisco to continue their journey, exiting in less than four years.

2. Seenit took the win at TechDistrupt London!

Collider startup Techcrunch

From 14 startups down to one, our very own Seenit was crowned Startup Battlefield champion 2016, winning £40,000 and the coveted Disrupt Cup.

After presenting in front of multiple groups of VCs and tech leaders and with hours of deliberation, TechCrunch editors worked through the judges’ notes to narrow the list down to five, resulting in only one winner.

3. Collider to launch in Amsterdam

Some of the Collider team with Amsterdam's Deputy Mayor, Kajsa

SERIOUS excitement in the Collider office when we finally announced our launch in Amsterdam!

With a booming startup scene and a huge wealth of incredible brands, Amsterdam was the obvious pick for us – we can’t wait to see what it’ll bring in the New Year.

4. Our 5th cohort joined the Collider community

2017 Collider cohort

We handpicked the very best, new MadTech startups from around the globe, who have now joined the Collider family as our 5th cohort!

We had a record number of applications this year from startups all around the world, and were incredibly impressed with the quality that came through the door.

Our final eight have now been picked, which we’ll be announcing in the New Year.

5. The launch of our Mentor Network

Sarah Wood, Guy Weiynk, Zaid Al-Zaidy – just a few names you’ll find in our Mentor Network.

An exclusive offer to our scale ups, this isn’t ‘another accelerator’ with another ‘mentoring platform’ – instead, we hand picked some of the very best names in the industry and paired them up with some of our very best startups for an unbelievable mentorship experience.

And yes, back to that pun, but it really was a magical collision.

6. More startups reaching the one million pound revenue mark!

Collider startups

More and more of our alumni are reaching this milestone every month, with the first achieved midway through this year.

It’s been a blast, 2016. We’ll see you in the New Year with the official announcement of our new cohort.

The Mad World of MadTech: December Roundup

1. Seenit takes the win at TechDisrupt London

Collider startup Techcrunch

Our very own Seenit won the coveted Disrupt Cup at the 2016 Startup Battlefield at TechDisrupt London, and we couldn't be more proud! After two days of tough competition against 13 other startups, our class of '14 alumni smashed it and won the £40,000 prize.

Read more here.

2. Pixoneye gets the BBC talking

Pixoneye Collider

Turns out Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne are much more alike than we previously thought, which wouldn't be all that helpful for online advertisers trying to target the right audience. And yes, that's where Pixoneye comes in.

Read more here.

3. Locomizer's biological intelligence pushed new boundaries


Launched at Unbound, the team at Locomizer are now able to decipher irrational consumer behaviour using biological intelligence, so brands and agencies can reach out to relevant audiences.

Read more here.