Collider Next Gen.

Under 30? You could be our next generation investor!

This year, we’re offering a select group of young professionals a ‘Collider Next-Gen Ticket’ – a unique opportunity to be part of the programme as an active advisor to and investor in our startups.

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Why the Next-Gen Ticket?

The NextGen Ticket complements the existing investor network by bringing a different perspective to the table – one that comes from digital natives with relevant work experience to take the start- ups to the next level. We also believe the Dutch start-up ecosystem benefits from having young professionals getting involved in investing.

How does it work?

Our regular investment tickets are €25K and up, but for our young investors we have a much lower threshold:

  • Invest €500 and your time in exchange for equity in 5-7 innovative and promising start-ups with the opportunity to get a return on the investment at a future date.

  • Participate as an active investor – this means you’ll be part of our Startup Selection Day on September 5th and you’ll be able to attend a selection of the portfolio meetings where the progress of each start-up is discussed and ways to help are identified.

  • Add your knowledge to the existing network of successful investors, and help start-ups one on one, as needed and relevant.

What’s in it for you?

For you, the NextGen Ticket gives you access to a new way of personal development:

  • Learn first-hand about start-up investing & mentoring (including a kick-off masterclass)

  • Learn from our experienced group of investors who work or have worked in senior positions at major brands or who have built and sold business themselves.

  • Widen your professional network by being part of the Collider community of start-ups, agencies and brands

Who can apply for the Next-Gen ticket? Are you ...

  • Passionate about (digital) marketing, e-commerce, media (trends), customers, computer science, IT and/or entrepreneurship and have a min. of 3 years working experience?

  • Under 30 years old?

  • Ready to invest €500 in return for a share in the selected start-ups?

  • Available on Thursday September 5th (Startup Selection Day), able to attend 2 or 3 of our monthly portfolio meetings (Oct 2019 – Sept 2020), and willing to share your knowledge and ideas with startups?

Apply now!
Book your seat at the Collider investors table and apply before July 31st.