Collider presents: Purpose Meets Performance

We look back at an afternoon with a truly “good” vibe in the audience and a great set of speakers who gave us insights, based on first hand experience, about how companies and brands can embrace purpose.

There were some keypoints given by the speakers and we’re very proud that they were able to enlighten us with their interpretatation of purpose within their business. Below please find some keypoint that were discussed during the Purpose Meets Performance event.

  • Purpose is becoming increasingly important to brands, with many of the speakers talking about it as a competitive advantage increasing not just revenues but also customer and employee engagement.

  • It’s not authentic and just not enough to “do purpose” on top of the business. As Coen de Ruiter from Independer put it: Purpose is Business and Business is Purpose. Or as Dylan from The Student Hotel argued: Purpose Position is your Brand position. Only then it will drive everything you do, both internally and externally.

  • Niki Kauffmann illustrated how that works in Rituals. Their purpose, “making you feel good”, was always there and lived by the founder. But clearly defining and expressing it, helped to engrain it further in every aspect of the business. Her advice: keep it simple – and then full focus

  • Harm Jans from shared with us how a new way of holacracy based working, with cross functional teams defining their own roles and goals, following their “sparks”, allows employees to be truly engaged with their own purpose and that of the organisation.

  • Dylan Ingham inspired us to work out how people can do good through your brand. To increase the chance to deliver meaningful impact: align your effort to global SDG’s, employ more women, employ more activists, get their purpose and give them 10% of their time to work on it > purpose must be real, lived, time owned. If you get it wrong, audiences will leave. If you get it right, you have more than a product - you have an innovation channel.

  • Amy Williams from Good-Loop showcased how startup-corporate collaboration can be successful. Delivering great performance as well as positive impact by moving a little bit from massive ad spendings to charity. Our other Tech-for-Good startups, Clickshelp and Greengame talked about their innovative ways to help brands doing good. Because Good is the new Cool - Consumers are voting with their wallets by buying products and services from brands who have a higher mission and positive social impact.

We look back at a wonderful afternoon with good conversations, presentations, network drinks and insights. Also, our our next event is coming! It will be called Hyper Retail and will be held on June 18th 2019. You will hear more from us in the future!