rtobjects Partners with Drive Automotive Design Consultancy


LONDON, 20 June 2016

rtobjects, the visualisation start up, and Drive, the leading automotive design and visualisation studio, today announce their partnership.

Humans are intensely visual creatures, and better imagery delivers clear commercial benefit — both in speeding the design process and helping people research products before they buy them. But the nature of imagery online has not changed significantly in the last 20 years — websites typically just deliver pre-shot images or videos.

rtobjects has developed a ground-breaking technology to deliver personal interactive movie experiences into the web-browser on any device without the need for plug-ins or downloads.

Drive develops and delivers outstanding design and digital visualisations across a range of sectors, with a primary focus on automotive.

The partnership will allow the companies to deliver incredible cinematic and fully interactive visuals in the browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

This will allow their clients to conceive, create and deliver entirely new visual experiences on the devices that people already use as part of their day-to-day internet use.

For example, it will allow people to look around and configure a personalised version of a vehicle in real environments with photo-realistic detail, and then see that vehicle driving through any number of locations — desert, forest, city, or off-road. All delivered as movie-quality CGI into the consumer’s browser, and fully under the consumer’s control.

Chris Longmore, Director at Drive, commented: “We’ve worked with pretty much every visualisation tool you can think of, but rtobjects is really offering something new. We were impressed by the technology and the team, and want to work with them to bring completely new forms of visualisation to the market.”

Darren Poore, Visualisation Director at Drive, added: “Clients are constantly looking for more impressive, more immersive and more interactive visuals, and rtobjects deliver just that. And they do it on the devices that people already have — their desktops, tablets and mobiles. This partnership gives us direct access to a cutting edge technology and a significant competitive advantage.”

Craig Walmsley, Co-Founder of rtobjects stated: “Drive is one of the UK’s most respected design and visualisation studios — their track record of incredible work speaks for itself. Using our technology, we can now deliver these incredible visuals as part of a personal interactive movie experience. We are pleased and proud to partner with them — together we can realise our vision of making the Internet cinematic.”


About rtobjects: rtobjects delivers personal interactive movie experiences in the browser so people can really see and experience things before they buy them. Combining the rich visual worlds of games and movies, with the interactivity of digital, rtobjects makes the Internet cinematic in the scope and quality of its visuals. The company was created by Craig Walmsley, first and founding Strategist at AKQA, and Ian Monaghan, Neil Hutchinson and Matt Rubin, formerly of Black Rock and Big Bit Games Studios.


About Drive: Drive has established an enviable reputation for providing quality design and visualisation services to major automotive manufacturers. Their Creative CGI Studio works with automotive brands and their advertising and marketing agencies to create emotive, visual content for advertising, PR, web and print.