The Mad World of MadTech: February Roundup

1. Startup alum Locomizer rank in AI Tech Startups to Watch 2017

Locomizer top startup


Following a number of pretty exciting updates (including a cheeky interview in Forbes), our class of '13 alumni are making us proud again.

Tech.eu has highlighted the biological intelligence tech team as one of the startups tech enthusiasts should keep an eye on for the upcoming year.

Great work guys. Read more here.

2. LivingLens secures £1.3m funding AND becomes finalist for SXSW Accelerator Competition

Living Lens in action

The LivingLens team are having a pretty impressive few weeks with two top announcements, starting with an incredible £1.3m funding round.

The mix of investors includes the Angel CoFund, angel investors from their involvement in our accelerator programme and successful marketeers and financiers.

This follows their recent win after being selected as a finalist for SXSW Accelerator Competition, in which only those leading startups from around the world are selected to take part in.

Good luck for the upcoming pitch event on March 12th!

Read more here.

3. Seenit and SyncSpot's founders stopped Forbes 30 under 30 list

Forbes 30 under 30 collider startups

A huge congratulations to Emily from Seenit and Jubair from SyncSpot for making the Forbes 30 under 30 list – a serious achievement.


Read more here.

Launching in Amsterdam with a bang

Collider Amsterdam scoop retail We couldn't just launch in Amsterdam without something pretty special, which is why this week some of our team headed out to the Dutch capital for our second popup.

Bringing brands and startups together is what we do best, and so this time round we were joined by a number of senior team members from both KPN and NS, hosted in Deloitte's iconic The Edge building.

Working with Ellen, Amsterdam Collider's co-founder to help establish their challenges, we identified the best startups to select for the popup and work directly with the teams.

Joined by a number of Collider startups including Pixoneye, Scoop Retail, Syncspot, Locomizer and Seenit, Collider Booster startup Duel, we also welcomed three startups from Belgium and Holland – Cabture, Social Seeder and Storymail.

Trial funds were up for grabs, so the popup meant business and gave both the startups and brands the chance to really knuckle down to see where they could work together.

Collider Amsterdam seenit

But KPN and NS struggled to only pick one each, and so with Social Seeder and Storymail picked as the number-one-let's-do-this, there were many other promises of future conversations for others.

Ellen said: We designed the popup as a highly interactive session, where the corporates shared their challenges and topics of interests, allowing to identify together relevant applications of the startups’ technologies. KPN and NS have each chosen a startup for a trial project and invited several startups for follow-on conversations."

Collider Amsterdam NS

You'll be hearing much more from us in Amsterdam as we're now open for applications, as we scour the globe for the very best startups to join our first ever programme in Amsterdam. You can apply right here.

The Mad World of MadTech: December Roundup

1. Seenit takes the win at TechDisrupt London

Collider startup Techcrunch

Our very own Seenit won the coveted Disrupt Cup at the 2016 Startup Battlefield at TechDisrupt London, and we couldn't be more proud! After two days of tough competition against 13 other startups, our class of '14 alumni smashed it and won the £40,000 prize.

Read more here.

2. Pixoneye gets the BBC talking

Pixoneye Collider

Turns out Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne are much more alike than we previously thought, which wouldn't be all that helpful for online advertisers trying to target the right audience. And yes, that's where Pixoneye comes in.

Read more here.

3. Locomizer's biological intelligence pushed new boundaries


Launched at Unbound, the team at Locomizer are now able to decipher irrational consumer behaviour using biological intelligence, so brands and agencies can reach out to relevant audiences.

Read more here.

Locomizer Raises $300K for International Expansion

locomizer-front-banner-02 Class of 2013 alumni Locomizer have received $300K seed round investment from international funds Impulse VC and Phystech Ventures. The follow on investments in Locomizer may go up to $1.5M by the end of 2016, and the funds will be used for international expansion of Locomizer, who currently operate in London, Japan and the United States.

The investment firms have expertise in scaling technological-focussed businesses and large networks in the US, Asia an Central Europe.

“Locomizer is a good example of how the real world is being digitized and converted into big data, to create value-added products and services for their customers and end-users. This is just one of a few projects that bring a real ‘tech’ meaning to adtech,” says Impulse VC managing partner Kirill Belov.

Major case studies in London have helped provide the market traction Locomizer needed to raise these funds. First, a partnership with Havas Media for their client Jameson, where Locomizer created a 'Lads Map' in the UK exceeded expectations and all KPIs within months.

Alongside Posterscope and Target Media, Locomizer also won the Clear Channel Outdoor Planning Award for their work on the OOH campaigns for Fallout 4. The virtual hotspots were used to create engaging out of home creative, providing the right information to the right consumers at the right time.

Alexei Poliakov, Co-Founder of Locomizer explains the technology in more detail, “Our technology is a smart geofence. Instead of relying on target customers’ close proximity to key locations, we discover and recommend non-obvious places with high affinity to brands, which has never been more possible than with Locomizer’s insights. Our targeting is not location-based, but better – it’s based on where you’ve been in the past. There is an important difference here; while we recognize the significance of location as an indicator of your interests, once we have a good understanding of your profile, relevant offers can be sent to you, regardless of your current location.”

Locomizer continues to improve the functionality of its Affinity(BI) technology by designing new patent applications and adding filtering, matching, and predictive algorithms. The aim is to enrich the generated profiles with more granular information, allowing segmentation across multiple customer attributes in a campaign planning and real-time mode.

Phystech Ventures managing partner Olga Maslikhova adds, “At the moment, Locomizer is focused on winning in adtech space, but the company is not limited to just adtech, as it has all of the capabilities to push its ‘data-as-a-service’ analytics platform across multiple verticals. The startup has already gained a foothold in EU, Japan and US markets. We recognize a huge opportunity for Locomizer to enter and be successful in the Southeast Asia markets as well. Phystech Ventures has a strategic presence there and will support Locomizer’s business development.”

Locomizer’s unique technology of audience discovery and segmentation, called Affinity(BI), is based on biological research into cell behavioral models by Dr. Alexei Poliakov, a cofounder of Locomizer. They continue to improve the functionality of its Affinity(BI) technology by designing new patent applications and adding filtering, matching, and predictive algorithms. The aim is to enrich the generated profiles with more granular information, allowing segmentation across multiple customer attributes in a campaign planning and real-time mode.

Locomizer provides the right data for DOOH

As digital out of home (DOOH) advertising revenue jumps %30 in the UK, Jameson, working with Havas Media, Posterscope and Collider alumnus Locomizer, launched a 7 month campaign targeting the British 'Lads'; a target market where Jameson currently has little clout. Posterscope developed a unique OOH campaign to engage with the target customers. Locomizer's technology enabled them to know more about where the Lads were travelling to before and after going to the pub. They were then able to provide completely anonymous, hyper local data highlighting where the target consumers are spending their time during the week.

This data will make the DOOH advertising more effective, as it targets the audience during their 'down-time' while waiting for public transport after work, or on their lunch breaks - outside of traditional locations and times. This is the first campaign of this type in the UK, with Locomizer's technology providing hyper-local analytics, and was launched in conjunction with the World Rugby League in the UK.

Ryan Hedditch, Business Director at Posterscope said: “This is a fantastic evolution of targeted advertising and we, in partnership with Havas Media, are excited to be putting it into action for Jameson. We have analysed modelled and historic data on all of those customers we want to be able to reach. Understanding location behaviour of consumers allows us to identify geographical hotspots where our audiences are likely to congregate at, when they are not at the interest affinity locations.”

This is a completely new approach to DOOH advertising, where data analytics previously only applied to online advertising, are now available in offline settings. But Locomizer is taking it one step further - they're able to aggregate and disseminate data in a meaningful and actionable manner. Digiday duly noted that this is a turning point in DOOH as advertisers begin to use the data available in social and mobile to effectively target people based on what they think, feel, and do. And we're excited to see the results.