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Locomizer provides the right data for DOOH

As digital out of home (DOOH) advertising revenue jumps %30 in the UK, Jameson, working with Havas Media, Posterscope and Collider alumnus Locomizer, launched a 7 month campaign targeting the British 'Lads'; a target market where Jameson currently has little clout. Posterscope developed a unique OOH campaign to engage with the target customers. Locomizer's technology enabled them to know more about where the Lads were travelling to before and after going to the pub. They were then able to provide completely anonymous, hyper local data highlighting where the target consumers are spending their time during the week.

This data will make the DOOH advertising more effective, as it targets the audience during their 'down-time' while waiting for public transport after work, or on their lunch breaks - outside of traditional locations and times. This is the first campaign of this type in the UK, with Locomizer's technology providing hyper-local analytics, and was launched in conjunction with the World Rugby League in the UK.

Ryan Hedditch, Business Director at Posterscope said: “This is a fantastic evolution of targeted advertising and we, in partnership with Havas Media, are excited to be putting it into action for Jameson. We have analysed modelled and historic data on all of those customers we want to be able to reach. Understanding location behaviour of consumers allows us to identify geographical hotspots where our audiences are likely to congregate at, when they are not at the interest affinity locations.”

This is a completely new approach to DOOH advertising, where data analytics previously only applied to online advertising, are now available in offline settings. But Locomizer is taking it one step further - they're able to aggregate and disseminate data in a meaningful and actionable manner. Digiday duly noted that this is a turning point in DOOH as advertisers begin to use the data available in social and mobile to effectively target people based on what they think, feel, and do. And we're excited to see the results.

AWEurope is quickly approaching...

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In less than two weeks the Advertising and Marketing creatives will gather in Central London for a week filled with debauchery involving speakers, panels, conference style meetings, drinking, drinking and more drinking. But somewhere in between all of the drinking, there will be insight and new perspectives and inspiring talks and, hopefully, some amazing OOH, interactive, advertising. It's called AdWeek Europe. And New York is afraid because they're in for a shock at how established the marketing and advertising industries are in Europe. Particularly London. This is the place to be for all things MadTech. We're keeping it that way.

And as part of our mission to make London the beating heart of the MadTech ecosystem, we're getting up on stage and bringing some amazing people with us. And we're going to be talking about what we do - bringing in the people who do it everyday. Our ring leader Rose Lewis will be speaking alongside Alper Eroglu of Unilever, Paul Frampton of Havas Media and Nicole Yershon of Ogilvy & Mather. Stephen Lepitak of The Drum will be moderating  between these four powerhouses, asking the tough questions the audience wants to hear.

And we have some free tickets to give out to the panel. Are you interested in checking out what we do? Who our brand and agency partners are? How they might have worked with startups in the past and how they are doing it now - especially with new and innovative technologies popping up every other day. How do you work with a company who seems to be speaking in an unfamiliar dialect of English, we call it Tech Talk, and how do we work with it tomorrow?

Contact our Community Manager Ali at alexandra [at] collider.io if you want to come along. Tickets are limited, and on a first-come-first serve basis. If you're interested in the #MadTech scene, or thinking about joining us on the front-lines of the MadTech movement, get in touch!


Can't make it to the live session? Tune in to the online livestream at 3PM to hear from our awesome panel!

Crowdfunding Complete for the Class of 2015!

It’s been quite a week here at Collider – never a dull moment! As the excitement from Ad:Tech London cooled down, it was time for the Collider team to pull together and begin filing through the applications for the Class of 2015. Applications for the programme are open until November 10th, make sure you get your applications in before the deadline (and even share with your friends now)! Seedrs campaign

In other news, our Seedrs campaign has come to a successful close! As of Wednesday evening, only 13 days after launch, the marketing and advertising industry pulled together to collectively raise over £330,000! Investments ranged from £100 to £55,000 per person and over 60 individuals participated.

Investors of note include media guru Mat Morrison and CEO of Havas Media, Paul Frampton. Senior advertising executives from Ogilvy and WeAreSocial also invested in the Class of 2015. Some investors will further be actively involved in the mentoring process with the startups during the programme. They will also draw on industry connections and expertise to further supercharge the startups.

“The response from the marketing and advertising professionals has been overwhelmingly positive,” Rose Lewis, Co-founder of Collider said. “We’re encouraging them to invest in the future of their industry through startups, and they jumped at the chance.”

Each of the 10 startups will receive £50K in exchange for 11% equity. A hand-picked 5 of the 10 will receive £100K follow-up funding for a further 11%. Half of the funds from the Seedrs campaign will go towards the first round of funding and the other half will go towards the second round, with all of the investors’ money being distributed evenly between all the startups.

In short, high praise goes to the marketing and advertising industry! They took the challenge head on and took an active role in shaping the future of their industry through emerging tech - their efforts paid off! The Class of 2015 has a group of mentors and investors behind it this year who have an envious track record, with even more brands signed up to help transform these products by acting as first market validators (more on this later). Things are moving quickly – this year will be bigger and better and we’re waiting impatiently to getting this race going…