Locomizer provides the right data for DOOH

As digital out of home (DOOH) advertising revenue jumps %30 in the UK, Jameson, working with Havas Media, Posterscope and Collider alumnus Locomizer, launched a 7 month campaign targeting the British 'Lads'; a target market where Jameson currently has little clout. Posterscope developed a unique OOH campaign to engage with the target customers. Locomizer's technology enabled them to know more about where the Lads were travelling to before and after going to the pub. They were then able to provide completely anonymous, hyper local data highlighting where the target consumers are spending their time during the week.

This data will make the DOOH advertising more effective, as it targets the audience during their 'down-time' while waiting for public transport after work, or on their lunch breaks - outside of traditional locations and times. This is the first campaign of this type in the UK, with Locomizer's technology providing hyper-local analytics, and was launched in conjunction with the World Rugby League in the UK.

Ryan Hedditch, Business Director at Posterscope said: “This is a fantastic evolution of targeted advertising and we, in partnership with Havas Media, are excited to be putting it into action for Jameson. We have analysed modelled and historic data on all of those customers we want to be able to reach. Understanding location behaviour of consumers allows us to identify geographical hotspots where our audiences are likely to congregate at, when they are not at the interest affinity locations.”

This is a completely new approach to DOOH advertising, where data analytics previously only applied to online advertising, are now available in offline settings. But Locomizer is taking it one step further - they're able to aggregate and disseminate data in a meaningful and actionable manner. Digiday duly noted that this is a turning point in DOOH as advertisers begin to use the data available in social and mobile to effectively target people based on what they think, feel, and do. And we're excited to see the results.