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Miappi brings music's social presence to life with Sony Music

Collider12 alumnus Miappi have had some big news this week - they've just begun working with Sony Music! After using the British start-up on sites for Neon Jungle, UnionJ and The Kinks, Sony Music is now using Miappi to power websites for artists as diverse as 70’s rock legends Judas Priest, British crooner Olly Murs and Irish rock band Kodaline. On all of these websites Miappi is used to collect fan generated content via hashtag campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Vine. 
Andrew Foyle, co-founder of Miappi said "It’s fantastic to see Sony Music using Miappi on repeat. There are more big name artists in the pipeline. Watch this space."

Miappi, lets brands collect and display all of their social media content in one place. The resulting ‘social media magazine’ is something fans can use to get the very best of social content...all without logging in and out of different social media networks! For mroe information you can review their press release.

They have previously worked with Bauer Media on Grazia magazine, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, as well as with Diageo and BeReal on engaging the customer online by bring all media to one place. The team, led by Andrew, Lee and Toby, have also raised £500K in funding to date. We love working with our current and past startups, and are also working with Miappi to bring the Collider social content to life in our other social channels - you can check them out on all of our blog posts on the Collider website!

Andrew has also been making waves in the MadTech press. You can read up on an interview published in BrandRepublic where he talks about the where social media will be going in the next three years, some of the best MadTech innovations to date and some of his biggest influences thus far.

Simply Be Agree Ongoing Commitment with WhichSocial After Successful Trial

Manchester-based WhichSocial have established a new cooperation with Simply Be, which is part of J D Williams & Company Limited. Simpy Be specialise in offering the latest fashion trends in women apparel exclusively in sizes 14-32, and have a very active following online. WhichSocial will provide their services to Simply Be in order to optimise their social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The social media ROI software offered by WhichSocial will help Simply Be determine how successful their Pinterest pins, Facebook posts and Tweets are in driving sales and traffic to their website. The software will also identify influencers, discover trending best sellers and the most effective social channel. Having such measurements available, Simply Be will be able to revise, and hence optimise, their social media marketing strategy.

WhichSocial is dedicated to helping Simply Be improve their social media marketing efforts by allowing Simply Be to immediately react to WhichSocial real-time alerts based on trending on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Avin Wong, WhichSocial’s Managing Director, commented, “We appreciate the opportunity to provide our services to Simply Be and continue working closely with FTSE 250 N Brown Group Plc, which Simply Be is a part of. We are hoping Simply Be will set an example for the rest of the 32 brands under FTSE 250 N Brown Group Plc, demonstrating the success of using our software.”

Simply Be have been extremely satisfied with WhichSocial’s software trial and committed to using WhichSocial on a daily basis. Simply Be's Social Media Manager mentioned, "We were impressed to see the updates that the Which Social team had made to the platform on our behalf and to hear of new developments in the pipeline as well".

Manchester-based WhichSocial is a real-time social media ROI tracking software with actionable alerts for ROI-driven digital marketers. The technology helps retailers measure, quantify and improve ROI from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. WhichSocial has received investment from various business pioneers and institutional investors, such as Creative England, Unilever, Ingenious and Bauer Media. The company is currently working with fashion retailers from FTSE 250 group and Sunday Times’ Fast Track 100 list, as well as one of the 1000 most visited UK website. Visit for more details.

Competitions Can Help You Grow

WhichSocial, the software which allows you to measure and improve ROI from social media marketing, have a wide range of customers.  Their clients have a broad spectrum of social media activity, ranging from large brands with 75,000 Facebook followers, to small boutiques with a more select following.

One of their more exclusive customers, Me+Em, have been using WhichSocial to measure their competitions on Facebook.


Let's take a look at a recent competition they ran on Facebook called 'Share to Wear'. It encouraged users who have already liked the page to join in, creating a community, and by sharing the page allows potential clients to see the shop too. Using WhichSocial, Me+Em can also track how many clicks to the site this competition generated, which products were sold from these clicks, and which shared post generated the most interest.

Armed with this information, Me+Em have learnt enough to judge how, where, and when to run future competitions. They have data they need, but more importantly, they know exactly what to do with this data.


After they spoke at The Big Data Show, WhichSocial have been going from strength to strength, and are currently in conversation with even more brands. Keep checking the blog to see what they are up to!

Quick Q&A with WhichSocial about The Big Data Show

mindy photo in London

Avin Wong from WhichSocial, one of our startups, recently spoke at The Big Data Show. I managed to grab Avin for a quick Q&A to find out how it all went.

Hi Avin, thanks for taking the time to chat. Firstly, what was your speech about?

Our topic was "How internet retailers can measure & increase social media ROI through Big Data predictive modeling". I discussed how to measure and improve social media ROI. Then our data expert and friend, Dr Robert Pietruszkiewicz  (MD of talked about how you can use big data predictive modeling to increase sales.

Avin and his co-presenter Dr Robert Pietruszkiewicz, MD,

What two facts would you like people to take away from your talk?

1. Measuring social media ROI is not difficult; you just need specialist software like

2. Crunching historical analytics data is pointless, internet retailers have to "Act when it matters", i.e. act instantly when their social ROI software picks up trending patterns through their social channels.

Were you nervous?

I wasn't nervous. In fact, I spoke even better when more people turned up and started asking questions.

What questions were you asked by the audience?

The audience mainly asked about how our technology works, i.e. how the software tracks social media ROI.

 How has the experience helped you?

The experience has motivated me to keep on giving pitches, and I am aiming to speak at even bigger events.

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