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Quick Q&A with WhichSocial about The Big Data Show

mindy photo in London

Avin Wong from WhichSocial, one of our startups, recently spoke at The Big Data Show. I managed to grab Avin for a quick Q&A to find out how it all went.

Hi Avin, thanks for taking the time to chat. Firstly, what was your speech about?

Our topic was "How internet retailers can measure & increase social media ROI through Big Data predictive modeling". I discussed how to measure and improve social media ROI. Then our data expert and friend, Dr Robert Pietruszkiewicz  (MD of talked about how you can use big data predictive modeling to increase sales.

Avin and his co-presenter Dr Robert Pietruszkiewicz, MD,

What two facts would you like people to take away from your talk?

1. Measuring social media ROI is not difficult; you just need specialist software like

2. Crunching historical analytics data is pointless, internet retailers have to "Act when it matters", i.e. act instantly when their social ROI software picks up trending patterns through their social channels.

Were you nervous?

I wasn't nervous. In fact, I spoke even better when more people turned up and started asking questions.

What questions were you asked by the audience?

The audience mainly asked about how our technology works, i.e. how the software tracks social media ROI.

 How has the experience helped you?

The experience has motivated me to keep on giving pitches, and I am aiming to speak at even bigger events.

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