Introducing: Ignidata

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**We will be profiling each company joining Collider’s Class of 2015. Take the time to learn a bit more about them and keep an eye on what’s to come over the next few months!**

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Who are you and what do you do? Ignidata provides brands with in-depth market research from a mobile survey integration based on a ‘pay with time’ model, while also providing a monetization option for digital media content providers.

Who are your co-founders & give us one line about each of you! Hugo Matinho – Is our tech ninja and mad engineer Pedro Vilela – Is our marketing guru and creative mind

Where in the world are your headquarters? Our headquarters are located in the beautiful city of London UK

What excites you most about London (one startup point and one non-startup point!)? London is a huge market full of opportunities London is a buzzing city full of interesting people

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What insight (competitive advantage, new perspective etc.) are you bringing to the Madtech industry? We are bridging the gap between brands and consumers with modern ways of engaging an audience.

What is one challenge you have had to overcome since beginning your journey? How to explain our idea – the mom test

Tell us about how Collider can (and hopefully will) help you over the next four months. Collider can help us reach brands that otherwise would be pretty hard if not impossible to get to.

Here's a funny fact you didn't know about us! We are avid gamers and foodies.

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"This is the perfect accelerator for companies who are developing a marketing tech solution as it allows startups from a very early stage to start asking global brands questions that will help us to develop a product with the exact specifications that the global market wants."

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A warm hello from the new Head of Programme – Parul Bavishi

I’m pleased to be joining the Collider family. It’s only day 3 but it’s been an exciting few days so far. The application process for the 2015 intake is open and I’m eager to see which startups will make it through. At Collider, as Head of Programme, I will be taking charge of the programme delivery for this new intake. Perhaps I should tell you a little about me? Well, I started my career in management consultancy sitting in a police car, wearing a bullet proof vest, racing through the streets of London, scribbling notes on the processes involved in a 999 call – buy me a drink and I’II tell you more about that story. Later my love for literature took me into publishing where I helped set up a new business and worked as an editor, a publicist and also a publishing spy. But it was the work I did with the then startup publisher Quercus and tech startup Valobox that led me to wanting to dive in deeper to the world of startups. It’s a fast-paced, agile environment, and the hothouse of future tech. I love it.

Outside of work, I love books and music, and help manage a small folk band Little Sister Blue. On a few lucky occasions I've even been invited to sing with them. I’m a whisky aficionado but I’ve yet to find a better whisky than Glenmorangie.

More from me soon.

Interview with Unilever's Digital Planning Manager Alex Dinsdale

I recently caught up with Alexandra Dinsdale, a Digital Planning Manager for Unilever, who is currently a mentor for Collider. We discussed the Collider experience, top tips for startups, and the wider startup community which is blossoming in the UK.  1. Hi Alex, thank you so much for taking the time to have this chat. To start off, please can you explain what you do on a daily basis as Digital Planning Manager for Unilever?

I partner our global brand development teams helping plan strategic marketing programs across digital channels. This includes selecting technology solutions, services and partners, as well as enabling the brands and categories to surface and share best practices.

2. What are your favourite websites or apps at the moment?

I’m a big fan of, a website and app that brings together crowd-curated fashion, gadgets and places. Like Pinterest, it’s really visual and imagery-based, and I’m continually discovering weird and wonderful things that I want to buy, (but don’t necessarily need!). I also spend a lot of time using Flipboard on my iPad. The variety of stories, news, and content all brought together in a beautiful magazine format makes it very easy to become immersed.

3. What exciting ideas/prospects keep you awake at night?

Unilever’s ambition is to grow the business while reducing our environmental footprint and increase the positive contribution we make to society. For me, the opportunity to make Sustainable Living the centre of a brand’s proposition and find innovative ways to get these messages to our consumers is an incredibly exciting challenge. As technologies rapidly evolve, and consumption of media changes, there’s always a new opportunity to pilot something that’s not been done before.

4. What things might be a clincher when considering a deal with startups?

BRING MAGIC! Seeing real passion, energy and focus in the team. Also to keep it simple. Work out what the company stands for, and stick to this with a clear, targeted proposal.

5. Do you have any major no-nos in terms of pitches?

Do not baffle the audience with figures and science. Understand why your proposition would benefit the recipient in a clear, transparent approach.

6.  Accordingly, any things that you like to see during pitches?

To hear why the proposition is new and unique and how it could grow. Startups have the luxury of being able to adapt and change quickly. It would be great to see hunger, passion and agility come through during the pitch.

7. What are your opinions on startups knowing their figures and how exact they should be?

It’s important to have considered the revenue model so they are aware of their base costs, how they are able to monetize, and to be very aware of their audience. Ultimately who the proposition will appeal to. Firm figures aren’t completely necessary as they may change depending on the customer. Being open to further guidance is good.

8. What are your views on the UK startup scene, especially when compared with America?

The UK startup scene is very fresh and exciting. We worked with Betapond on our Waterworks initiative and were really impressed by their work, knowledge and ethos. For certain projects, the flexibility and new thinking startups offer is a great asset, as well as the ability to run fast and respond quickly. The US scene is more mature and better established. There is a huge amount to learn from the US globally.

9. What experience and feedback from mentoring process at Collider?

It has been a tremendously interesting experience. I am relatively new to ventures and startups, so it has been eye-opening in many ways. The startups I’ve mentored have asked great questions and are very receptive to feedback. I’ve loved seeing the updates and progress made between sessions. The video introductions were a great way to meet the startups initially and quickly gain a clear idea of who the team are and their business.

Thank you so much Alex, and we look forward to continuing to work with you. 

dibbz join TIGA


Our Collider12 startup dibbz has been receiving some press attention for joining TIGA ( the trade association representing the video game industry).

Elliot Sochalldibbz co-founder and CEO, said: “Since launch we’ve seen click-through rates of 30% with our reward format - this far exceeds the industry average for mobile banner ads which currently sits at 0.39%. As part of our model, we carry out a 50/50 split with developers, so they are often getting as much as £1 from brands for every single click-through that happens in their game or app. We are very proud to already be working with some amazing studios and indie developers, who together have an install base of more than 12 million.

As a London-based startup setting out to provide an innovative means of monetisation among mobile game developers, we were always keen to become part of TIGA. We want to be even more involved in the UK game development community and help both indie developers and established studios deliver a more rewarding experience for users and greater revenue for themselves. Our goal is to bring the best rewards to the best games in a way that actually enhances the experience for players.”


 TIGA, the trade association representing the video game industry has welcomed dibbz, a London based startup dedicated to helping developers monetise their games via real-world branded rewards, as its latest member. Dibbz’ industry-benchmarked iOS & Android SDK is designed specifically for mobile games, and generates revenue for developers by allowing brands to offer players real-world rewards in return for their in-game achievements.

Players benefit from a more engaging experience, with real rewards appropriately and unobtrusively integrated into the game. Developers benefit from top tier brand association, recurrent revenue and increased player retention. Brands benefit from click through rates 77 times higher than the industry average for mobile banner ads.

Notable games to have integrated dibbz’ SDK include 2 Player Reactor, the no.1 multiplayer game on Android, created by developer Cool Cherry Trees. Dibbz SDK utilises dynamic notification overlays and natural pause breaks, as chosen by the developer, to serve rewards to users, ensuring the continuity of the game experience. The rewards on offer are from globally renowned brands including Burger King, ASK, Zizzi, Subway and Garfunkel’s with more being added every day.

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO, TIGA, added: “As the network for developers and digital publishers it is always encouraging to meet new members who are determined not only to help other TIGA members to be more successful, but who also have players’ interests at heart.

“Increasing the sophistication and sustainability of current monetisation methods is of huge commercial value to the mobile development sector. I look forward to seeing how the TIGA community benefits from dibbz’s ambitious plans and innovation.”


New Moment.Us Interview

huddled is a site dedicated to business news in the North West. Launched in January 2013, huddled is created by a team of North-West based journalists dedicated to providing up-to-date news relating to local companies and issues that affect businesses in the area. Most recently, huddled interviewed the brains behind Collider12 startup Moment.Us, which you can watch below.