dibbz join TIGA


Our Collider12 startup dibbz has been receiving some press attention for joining TIGA ( the trade association representing the video game industry).

Elliot Sochalldibbz co-founder and CEO, said: “Since launch we’ve seen click-through rates of 30% with our reward format - this far exceeds the industry average for mobile banner ads which currently sits at 0.39%. As part of our model, we carry out a 50/50 split with developers, so they are often getting as much as £1 from brands for every single click-through that happens in their game or app. We are very proud to already be working with some amazing studios and indie developers, who together have an install base of more than 12 million.

As a London-based startup setting out to provide an innovative means of monetisation among mobile game developers, we were always keen to become part of TIGA. We want to be even more involved in the UK game development community and help both indie developers and established studios deliver a more rewarding experience for users and greater revenue for themselves. Our goal is to bring the best rewards to the best games in a way that actually enhances the experience for players.”


 TIGA, the trade association representing the video game industry has welcomed dibbz, a London based startup dedicated to helping developers monetise their games via real-world branded rewards, as its latest member. Dibbz’ industry-benchmarked iOS & Android SDK is designed specifically for mobile games, and generates revenue for developers by allowing brands to offer players real-world rewards in return for their in-game achievements.

Players benefit from a more engaging experience, with real rewards appropriately and unobtrusively integrated into the game. Developers benefit from top tier brand association, recurrent revenue and increased player retention. Brands benefit from click through rates 77 times higher than the industry average for mobile banner ads.

Notable games to have integrated dibbz’ SDK include 2 Player Reactor, the no.1 multiplayer game on Android, created by developer Cool Cherry Trees. Dibbz SDK utilises dynamic notification overlays and natural pause breaks, as chosen by the developer, to serve rewards to users, ensuring the continuity of the game experience. The rewards on offer are from globally renowned brands including Burger King, ASK, Zizzi, Subway and Garfunkel’s with more being added every day.

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO, TIGA, added: “As the network for developers and digital publishers it is always encouraging to meet new members who are determined not only to help other TIGA members to be more successful, but who also have players’ interests at heart.

“Increasing the sophistication and sustainability of current monetisation methods is of huge commercial value to the mobile development sector. I look forward to seeing how the TIGA community benefits from dibbz’s ambitious plans and innovation.”