The Class of 2016 Training Partners are Here

With months of pre-planning, the Class of 2016 is ready to join the Collider team and begin their journey in London. The founders began their four month intensive Academy in December to culminate in a March Demo Day. From workshops, to speed dates with key decision makers within brands and agencies, to hours of one on one coaching, the founders will have met 100+ individuals in the marketing and advertising space, and spent 50+ hours in sessions. The Academy is designed to enhance these early-stage founders with the knowledge they need to build out scalable businesses in 2016. Highly tailored to the demands of creating a business brands and agencies can work with, the programme is tailored to fit the needs of founders ready to scale.

In the first month of intensive academy, we work with three fantastic training partners. Source provide a lean foundation for the startups to think about building scalable products, True & North for sales fundamentals when working with big brands and agencies, and Insight Coaching provide the interpersonal skills necessary to inspire confidence when trying to close a deal. These dedicated individuals provide their time and energy to help the startups better achieve their goals in a shorter amount of time.

David Clayton says;

"Working with Collider is a natural fit for True & North. Collider are the experts at identifying media and advertising startups relevant to brands, agencies and media owners. True & North support start-ups, brands, agencies and media owners in demonstrating business value to their respective clients. Through 2016 I'm most excited about empowering Collider's startups with the mind-set and approaches to agree sustainable business relationships with great clients."

Tambo Silavwe of Insight Coaching London says;

"Working with Collider is always great. Being part of the process they take their cohort through is always exciting, not everyone can do it how they do."