The Class of 2016 MadTech Applications

Class of 2016 applications map_AC As Collider has become a stead-fast part of the London innovation industry, we've seen incredible growth in the numbers and quality of applications year on year. And this year topped them all to date. With 262 from 43 different countries for the next best of MadTech, it's fantastically rewarding to be at the epicentre of the MadTech revolution.

From these 262, 25 were shortlisted to prepare and present to the Collider Class of 2016 Investors - the people who would be making the decisions on who would be joining the programme. From there, we have chosen the lucky few to come to London for a four-month intensive programme, access to senior brand and agency executives and everything the London ecosystem has to offer.

We've highlighted some of the key takeaways from the applications in an interactive infographic below (roll your mouse over any of the graphs for numbers and additional info). Here you'll find our own MadTech categories, location of the companies who applied, and a few trends pulled from the data;

- We are seeing a turn away from content generation startups, as they slide into the third most popular category, to startups focussing on personalisation, advocacy and making content social (clickable, shareable etc).

- Marketplaces and the sharing economy still dominate in Europe with the largest number of application coming from there

- Israel & Western Europe had the most iBeacon applicants