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Locomizer Doubles Valuation In Collider Second Round Investment

Locomizer, the “big data” startup has secured a second round of investment from Collider. The investment, £50k, takes Collider’s holding to 20% and values the firm at more than double its valuation on entering the Collider “Collision Phase” in February. “The company has made excellent progress. We started with two very knowledgeable and very smart scientists and worked with them and the Collider12 brands to refine their proposition and develop their story and find the right application niche. Locomizer now has a very well defined proposition and product offer” explained Rose Lewis, a co-founder of Collider.

“Locomizer were chosen as the investors recognised their ability to achieve significant growth and they have a fantastic patentable algorithm,” Rose continued. “The Collision Phase allowed Locomizer to have access to brand data, test their technology with it, and prove their location analytics truly work. The investors were very impressed by the outcome of their extension experiments, and wanted to invest in this Post-Collision period.”

Alex Poliakov, Locomizer’s co-founder, said that the “additional money validates the strategic direction the company is undertaking, with the development of Audience Discovery Engine that enables audience discovery for relevant targeting based on people mobility patterns.” Locomizer's other co-founder, Alexei, said that he is "very proud to get recognition of Collider again and receive a follow-up investment! It has been an exciting journey with a team of Collider so far. It is unstoppable and life-changing."

UK-based Locomizer is an enterprise location analytics company, which was recently named by Mashable as one of the top 25 startups in the UK. Their world's first Audience Discovery Engine powered by Biology-inspired proprietary algorithm creates highly-targetable user interest profiles by identifying user behavior patterns from location updates (directly from mobile phones or via mobile apps like Twitter, FourSquare, etc). This enables their enterprise customers to uncover the right audience for the right targeting, resulting in higher mobile marketing ROI along with increased conversion and engagement rates. Visit for more details.

Since joining Collider, Locomizer has since seen their over-seas prospect improve considerably after being accepted into another accelerator in Silicon Valley, Momentum, partnered with Mobile Monday and Racket Space.

Collider Startups Make Mashable's Top 25 List

  There are many 'Best Startups' lists out there, but most of them focus on the London scene, or that in Silicon Valley. However, this most recent one from Mashable includes startups from all over the UK, highlighting just how strong the startup ecosystem is.

We are chuffed to say it also includes two startups from Collider12; Seeker and Locomizer. To see what Mashable has to say about them and the other 23 startups included, click here.

Locomizer joins San Francisco Accelerator 'Momentum'

One of our startups, Locomizer, has just been accepted to the startup program Momentum, based in San Francisco. Alex Polyakov, Locomizer's Co-Founder, says "We are very excited to have this opportunity to get access to the Silicon Valley's network of mentors and potential investors."
Duncan Logan, the Founder & CEO of Rocket Space, said "Here at RocketSpace, we love meeting the top startups from all over the world, so it was only natural that we'd open our doors to great startups in London. The environment, networking opportunities and changes of scene will all help Locomizer continue the excellent work started at Collider12 to achieve their goals."
Momentum startups will benefit from RocketSpace’s startup services and access to their corporate innovation program, as well as spending 12 weeks at RocketSpace’s highly coveted San Francisco campus. They will be joining four other startups who have also been accepted into the program, which are:

The 12-week program provides the class with weekly workshops, networking dinners, and an enviable mentor list of Silicon Valley’s top 50 mobile executives. The program team consists of Mario Tapia (AT&T, Disney, Yahoo!), Arte Merritt (Motally,Yahoo!), and Mike Rowehl (Admob, Chomp, Metaresolver, Skyfire).

The Momentum program is more of a graduate level program, geared to help accelerate businesses in the mobile space, as opposed to teaching startup basics, making it perfect for Locomizer, who are more than ready to take on Silicon Valley.