Avocarrot's Acceleration to Silicon Valley


Avocarrot,  a platform which provides real rewards on mobile apps, has been picked out as one of the best startups in the world by accelerator BlackBox in Silicon Valley, who are partnered with Google Entrepreneurs. The team of four join seven other global startups who will all live in the BlackBox Mansion for the entire process, which runs from 15-26th July. The unique programme boasts a range of beneficial activities, networking events, and guest lectures, all aimed at helping the startups grow in an American environment.

“We're excited to have the chance to spend 2 weeks with the like-minded young entrepreneurs from all over the world,” says Conno Christou, one of Avocarrot’s co-founders. “It's also a great opportunity to tap into a large network of prestigious VCs and see how things are different in the US compared to the UK ecosystem.”

As BlackBox is focused on truly immersing the startups into the heart of this startup mecca, Conno realises the potential this trip could have for himself and his team. “We want to meet as many people as possible,” he explains, “to share ideas and get new insights in our sector. Making friends is in our nature, and all the other startups seem to be innovative companies. I’ll admit, the swimming pool in the villa was also an extra bonus!”

They applied only a month ago, and had to complete various forms, videos, and interviews via Google Hangout. But now they are through, Conno says that the four friends who all met at Imperial College are feeling "excited, honoured, and lucky." It's not all luck though, as the guys have been working tirelessly since 2012 to bring their technology to life, and been getting interest from investors and brands throughout the Collider12 process.

Stay tuned to the blog to see what they get up to later in July.

avocarrot blackbox

Google's Big Tent: Don't Be Evil

2013-05-22 11 copyDuring Google's Big Tent Event last week, the room didn't feel quite as welcoming as I had anticipated. In the weeks leading up to it, Google had been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and it seems even their most loyal supporters were feeling a tad disgruntled. Despite all the different themes and discussions the day had been arranged to discuss, there was only one issue on most peoples  minds; Google's tax, or lack thereof. As Eric Schmidt was speaking towards the end of the day, there was an air of anticipation, and a need for direct questions to provide direct answers.

Ed Miliband spoke before Eric Schmidt arrived, and Ed was crystal clear with his views on the matter.


When Eric did arrive,  Krishnan Guru-Murthy was quite blunt with  his questions, and wouldn't let the matter go until Eric had given a few answers. However, once the floor had their chance to ask, the majority were all about tax. The Guardian had a live feed of the session, so you can read the questions and answers here. Perhaps the moment that  gained the most amusement was when Schmidt had a slip of the tongue and accidentally said "Google is a capitalist country ... company. It's easy to say you would like us have less profits and have that somewhere else – we will comply with the letter of the law but we're trying to avoid being doubly and triply taxed which would prevent us investing in some of the wilder things."

2013-05-22 14.28.13For now, the message from both Google and the government is clear. Which one will have the final word? To discuss this further, come along to our Down The Pub event on Wednesday 29th May.

Collide With Rory

c12Tomorrow, Collider12 and the startups are having a group session with Rory Sutherland at Ingenious Media.

What makes this session a little different is that you'll be able to join in too, as we're hosting a Google Hangout. From 11am on May 1st, you'll be able to put your questions to @Rory with the hashtag #CollideWithRory, or by joining the hangout at 11.30am. It will be broadcasted on Google+ and YouTube. This is a pretty special opportunity, so get thinking and get asking.