Introducing: Storesense

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**We will be profiling each company joining Collider's Class of 2015. Take the time to learn a bit more about them and keep an eye on what's to come over the next few months!**

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Who are you and what do you do?

Storesense tracks the movement of shoppers via their smartphones and use that data to deliver actionable insights to retailers. For example - how many shoppers leave the store without a purchase and what departments do they visit?

Who are your co-founders; give us one line about each of you! Jan Isakovič – Experienced product manager and motorcyclist Nejc Župec – Full stack web and cloud developer who loves chess and climbing Jaka Demšar – Data scientist who keeps bees

Where in the world are your headquarters?

Storesense’s HQ is in the picturesque capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

What excites you most about London (one startup point and one non-startup point!)?

We’re excited to start building our business in the UK. On a personal note, moving from a city of 300,000 inhabitants to London is definitely a big step and very exciting!

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What insight (competitive advantage, new perspective etc.) are you bringing to the Madtech industry?

We are also shoppers who are often annoyed with ham-fisted sales approaches. Our product enables passive optimization of shopping experiences – that means that  the customers’ (and our!) shopping experience will improve from visit to visit without them having to do anything!

What is one challenge you have had to overcome since beginning your journey?

The world of retail is a very closed one – at least in Eastern Europe. Getting with touch with actual retailers at the decision maker level to develop and optimize our product was quite a challenge and one of the key reasons for our application to Collider.

Tell us about how Collider can (and hopefully will) help you over the next four months.

We are counting on Collider to help us improve our product by connecting us to brands and retailers – and of course to help us sell it! :)

Here's a funny fact you didn't know about us!

Our data scientist has a fun hobby: programming  algorithms that predict Championship cup footbal games. Hopefully we’ll have a new way of financing our startup soon :D

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"The Storesense team is excited to have joined Collider because we believe it can help guide our next steps both when it comes to building our product and company and in helping us establish crucial partnerships with brands. As a startup from small Slovenia, we’re especially excited to start building our business in London and the UK in 2015."