Is Flexible Working the Future?

Imagine a work schedule not measured in hours, days, and weeks, but in tasks completed. Welcome to the new world of flexible working that combines the freedom of freelance with the financial security of full-time employment. Recent research has shown that a flexible schedule improves productivity, is actively cost effective, and encourages creativity. Sick days are also reduced and it helps build the company's reputation as a forward-thinking workplace that keeps employees happy. 

So why are offices holding back on making the all-important change?

Insecurities are one of the main reasons, from the bosses (who worry about a lack of control) and the employees (who are concerned that their absent desk will promote negative attitudes). Breaking the 9-5 mentality is hard too, as our lives outside of work are also built around this schedule.

As new startups emerge, they have the power to decide how best to structure their time to fit their tasks.