One Month to the Class of 2015 Demo Day!


one month to demo day



Clear your calendar - it's going down! The Collider Class of 2015 Demo Day kicks off on April 23rd at 2:30PM, and we want you there. No, we need you there. Because this is going to be the MadTech event of the year - and you are the people who make it extraordinary. Come see nine of the hottest Marketing and Adtech startups from around the world showcasing how they're changing the MadTech industry. 

The Class of 2015 has spent the past four months running from brand meetings to coaching sessions, to workshops on everything from Purpose, positioning and personality, to prising and praising (and business development, UX, UI, and hiring for ones not beginning with P). And they've made progress. From having just an MVP at the beginning of 2015, by the middle of Q2, they have trials lined up with some of the world's largest brands.

Catch a senior brand or agency creative, innovative startups or a seasoned Angel for a drink in the evening. It's going to be great.

Confirmed panellists include:

Sarah Wood, COO Unruly Media                                                                                     Emily Forbes, CEO Seenit

Paul Frampton, CEO Havas Media                                                                                   Rod Banner, Agent of Change

Gabbi Cahane, CEO Meanwhile