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The Digital Business Academy Goes Live

  We like getting involved in interesting projects. Especially ones involving everything digital. It goes hand in hand with investing in some of the most innovative companies in the marketing and advertising (or Madtech as we call it) industry. And that’s where our news this week comes from.

TechCity UK has just publically launched the Digital Business Academy (or DBA) – an online portal for young professionals to gain the necessary skills to start, grow, or work for digital startups. They’ve partnered with UCL, Founder Centric and the University of Cambridge to bring you, yes you, the best content on everything from sizing up your idea to building your brand to mastering the finances of our digital business. The Guardian identified the UK will need 750,000 skilled digital workers by 2017. But when the number of computer science graduates is dropping, how does one fix this? By making education accessible. Oh, did we mention the courses are free in the UK?

How is Collider involved? We’re offering a ‘milkround’ to all graduates of the programme. Similar to a job fair, but less intimidating, these grads will benefit from access to innovative products changing the face of the marketing and advertising worlds – our alumni.

“The DBA is filling a skills gap in the digital industry,” Rose Lewis, our Co-Founder and ring-leader mentions. “The DBA helps with more than just coding: from community management to sales and marketing in digital, these are emerging job opportunities where the skill set is still undefined and underdeveloped. You won’t find a programme so accessible and with such high quality content elsewhere at the moment.”

That spare time this weekend you were going to spend watching videos of cats on Youtube? Why not learn how to market and analyse viral videos instead? Who knows, you might just get more out of it than those aww-spiring cat videos. Happy Friday!


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