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MarketingWeek: 'Start-up Accelerators: An Ideal Exchange'

You may have caught the highly interesting article in MarketingWeek which was all about startup accelerators similar to Collider12.

As the article points out, "The financial boost may seem like the number one reason for start-ups to work with major brands and corporations but it is the added benefits that come with the programmes that hold greater value."

Collider12 offers a close working relationship with mentors who have years of experience in business. Having someone to run through a branding issue, structuring of the website, or developing an API all helps the startups gain confidence in their field and areas they may not know. The networking events are also extremely valuable as the contacts gathered, and conversations shared help to clarify and refine any idea. Meetings and presentations with large brands have been secured at such events, and without the Collider12 connection, may never have happened.

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