Introducing: Burst

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**We will be profiling each company joining Collider's Class of 2015. Take the time to learn a bit more about them and keep an eye on what's to come over the next few months!**

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Who are you and what do you do?

Burst are the short-form social video specialists in video under 30 seconds. We help brands and agencies improve on their engagement with the mobile first generation through content creation and the world's first analytics platform measuring, benchmarking and reporting on brands' Vine videos.

Right now, brands are experimenting with short-form video content on Vine and Instagram but have no way of benchmarking their performance. We do that by measuring, benchmarking and reporting. Burst offers brands big data on little videos.

Who are your co-founders & give us one line about each of you!

Before recently being recognised as one of Business Insider's 30 most creative under 30 in advertising, Burst Co-founder and CEO, Mike Litman, was in a previous life, a professional tennis ball boy and poker player - he's used to juggling many things at once, as well as taking some risks and going all in!

Burst Co-founder, Simon Bibby, is a passionate communicator with a decade of PR and digital experience. He wants to make millions in MADTech and in the future, build a profitable tech business for social good that helps millions. He dreams about one day being able to buy his beloved Newcastle United football club and finally see them win some silverware!

Where in the world are your headquarters?

London, UK.

What excites you most about London (one startup point and one non-startup point!)?

1) London is a hot bed of entrepreneurial talent and a welcoming community of startup founders that keep driving us forward to always be improving.

2) The creative digital economy will be the lifeblood of great British commerce this century. London is the beating heart of this movement.

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What insight (competitive advantage, new perspective etc.) are you bringing to the Madtech industry?

Both Simon and Mike have extensive in-house and agency experience of the social digital curve and the impact it has had on traditional communication practices. The explosion of short form video creation, distribution and quantification - are areas Burst believed are ripe for exploration and disruption.

We have customer centric values running through our culture code, having experienced customer pain points and worked with our market competitors to serve clients, not always to a satisfactory level.

We are clear on our position in the market and are on the path to enlighten our customers about the powerful value of micro-content.

What is one challenge you have had to overcome since beginning your journey?

In a short space of time, we have had to find the final piece of the founding team jigsaw, which is the lead developer, Janosch Oppermann. We now feel we have the perfect balance of business, psychology and science.

Tell us about how Collider can (and hopefully will) help you over the next four months.

Collider have assembled the very best MADTech minds in this space for the 2015 programme. Burst now has the funding, coaching and connections to accelerate growth plans for our unique micro-content analytics product.

Here's a funny fact you didn't know about us!

We met while both working in different areas of e-commerce for Argos in Milton Keynes back in 2008. We were introduced by Mike's then manager, who knew we both lived in the same apartment block close to work.

Our first social experience together was spending one Saturday holed up in Mike’s flat eating an entire box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and trying to beat each other at FIFA ‘08.

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"Collider have assembled the very best MADTech minds in this space for the 2015 programme. Burst now has the funding, coaching and connections to accelerate growth plans for our unique video burst analytics product."