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Alumnus Locomizer partners with TAPTAP Networks


Collider alumnus Locomizer, a provider of location analytics technologies, announced a partnership to enrich TAPTAP’s Sonata Ad platform today. TAPTAP Networks is the largest independent mobile advertising company in Spain and Latin America.

Locomizer’s proprietary algorithm uses geo-data in a combination with points of interest (POI) data as its input. These are then converted into individual geo-behavioural user interest profiles – a new way to interpret, store and use positional information. User interest profiles are created with Locomizer’s behavioural model, which was developed through studying cell movements and interactions in live systems. This model analyses user’s behaviour to understand real-life interests and preferences, making it ideal for matching with relevant services and offers.

“Our ability to translate geo-data into a very sophisticated set of user-interest-profiles and distinctive segments has a natural fit with the mobile advertising world” said Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer co-founder and chief scientist. “We are delighted about the partnership with TAPTAP and thrilled to see that the trial campaign was so successful. It translates now into a commercial proposition to advertisers and marketers”.

SONATA is the first global mobile advertising platform aimed at brands and local advertisers seeking local contextual awareness, increased physical store footfall and in-store analytics. Built mobile-first by former retailers and AdTech experts, Sonata’s technology leverages geo-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, socio-contextual signals, and in-store audience data, enabling attribution between local contextual advertising and real-time, in-store foot traffic data.

“Physical presence provided by opt-in users through their mobile devices convey the same information that legacy cookies on the internet once did," said Alvaro del Castillo, CEO and founder of TAPTAP Networks. "As mobile usage takes over the internet cookies become irrelevant and presence signals allow for the creation of geo-behavior profiles that both global brands and local advertisers value in order to drive people through the purchase funnel. Locomizer’s bio-enabled proposition truly enhances our ability for out of the box mobile audience profiling."

Congratulations to Alexei, Alex and Roman! We're looking forward to following your expansive journey into new markets and becoming industry leaders.