This Thursday! A Free Workshop on Accessing Finance

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Join us on 20th June in central London for a free 'Access to Finance' workshop. The half day taster is brought to you by GrowthAccelerator and delivered by Andy Tait of Pembridge Partnership, a specialist in raising finance. As part of the GrowthAccelerator service, Pembridge work with companies who are passionate about growth and creating value by providing professional advice around growth, fund raising, strateg, and exit. Companies that have come through the programme have gone on to raise finance amounts of between £25,000 and £2 million.

The day will give you an overview of:

  •  Funding basics & sources of finance e.g. debt, angels, VCs
  • Understanding state of the funding market today
  • How financing organisations work and make decisions
  • Investor perspectives of Company business plans
  • Investor exit options, returns, strategies, syndication, crowd funding, valuation
  • Elements of a strong business plan & opportunity note (investor memorandum)
  • Preparing your pitch & materials to meet investor requirements
  • Peer group networking with Companies, trainers & investors
  • Presentation of ‘training’ investor pitch to expert panel with Q&A (optional)
  • Feedback from panel on finance-readiness status.

Best of all, it will help you understand how best to position your company when looking for investment and will give you a taster of how the GrowthAccelerator service may be able to help you fulfill your goals.

If you have any questions, please contact who will be happy to hear from you, or simply register here.