Andrew Ko

Moment.Us Makes the News!

Moment.Us co-founder Andrew Ko has been interviewed by the Manchester Evening News about his smartphone app, which assesses factors including the location, date, time of day, weather and more, to create custom music playlists.


Here's an excerpt from the piece.

'Ko remembers the 'eureka moment' when he first came up with the concept. He said: “I was walking to class on an overcast, chilly day and I wanted to listen to some downbeat music but I kept having to press 'next' because my iPod was playing all the wrong songs. I thought 'my iPod should know not to play me Christmas songs in March.'

“These days we use our phones every day, including to play music. Our phones know so much about us and our habits. Moment.Us is about tapping in to that knowledge to help understand the person. It creates playlists of songs that feel the same, not just sound the same.”'

To read the full article, click here.