9 Tech Founders Tips for Cannes Lions

In only a few days’ time, you’ll be heading to Cannes Lions! We’re just excited as you are. And for a first-timer, Cannes will be overwhelming – swarms of people, parties at every corner, and so many things to participate in,  So here are 9 things to remember to keep yourself grounded and have a successful few days. Ask Questions, No Pitching

You’re going to meet a lot of people, some will be potential customers, others maybe even investors. Don’t put them on a pedestal, they’re just like you and I. Be respectful and have your one-liner ready explaining how you might be able to help them solve their problem/challenge. Be sure to have different ones for brands, agencies and investors.

Think about the questions you’ll ask them before explaining what you do to better tailor your explanation – are they a connector, a customer, or a potential investor? Remember to keep the pitching to a minimum – no one likes to be talked at.

Sell Solutions

These people want solutions to existing problems, not products. They don't care about your tech, they care about whether you can make the famous (we are in Cannes, dahling)! Tell them how you’ll be able to make them more money or save them a ton of money.

Hustle Your way In

Hustle - big time. This is where your preparation will come in to play. You’ll know exactly who you want to meet, and where to be prior to checking in for your flight. Have your business cards at the ready. Want to get into that exclusive party? Make sure you know who to ask about that.

Be clear on the Ask

Make sure you know the types of answers you’ll get to the questions you’re asking. Know exactly what customer feedback you need, and be clear on who they can intro you to. The more specific the more helpful they will be.

Set specific objectives

Your game plan needs to be set before hitting the tarmac. Set realistic goals that will make these two days’ worth it. Eg. Meet 3 agency people who look after mobile campaigns, or 2 brands from FMCG. Sunbathing on two beaches doesn’t count.

Take cards

As they’re always handy, but there’s a high chance you’ll lose them. Use LinkedIn there and then rather exchange cards if you can – the internet doesn’t get lost as easily. How about that Cannes Connect app? Have you downloaded it yet?

Reach out

Don't stay put in one place. People move around, and you might miss an opportunity by staying at that party for one more drink. Go with the crowd, but also know when it’s time to walk your own path through the festival. And talk to strangers.


Make sure you are well rested before heading to Cannes. You need to be on your best form. And be sure to get some sleep in Cannes. No one likes an early morning meeting where you’re still boozy from the night before.

Smile & Have Fun

You are in Cannes after all. Allow yourself to get wrapped up in the hype to get your adrenaline pumping, but keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Enjoy the buzz of the industry celebs, but always keep your objectives in sight.

Rose and Ali from Collider are going to be there, and would love to get to know you all over a drink. But, you should only be talking to us, and to each other, when you have over achieved your objectives – not before.

And for all the Collider companies - we will be watching you…