LivingLens Win the Future of Tech

6 of our startups pitched at TFM&A, battling over who could be crowned 'The Future of Tech'. The panel comprised marketing experts were judging them on their pitch style, clarity of explanation, and the potential of the product to change a market. The six startups were:

Our panel was made up of ex-SVP of Unilever Andy Porteous, Janine Hawkins who was previously Global CEO of WPP, and Dan Thwaites from iris ventures.

It was a tough call but the judges decided that LivingLens was the winner! The judges described how " they were able to present the problem they are solving in a clear way. It is true that brands keep repeating research, and at great expense, when they may have the answer already. The LivingLens product came across as new and innovative, and Carl was able to deal with the questions from the audience in a professional way."