Meet Our 10 New Startups!

We're incredibly pleased to be about to announce our latest £1 million investment in ten start-ups! Unlike other accelerators, we partner with brands such as Unilever, Bauer Media, and BBC Worldwide, to help digital media startups create a product that is market ready from the offset. During our 13 week Collider programme, the startups are introduced to over a dozen respected corporations, engage with a large network of investors, get assigned to relevant mentors, and learn how to turn their innovative startup into a profitable, sustainable business.

Marc Mathieu, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Unilever says: “Increasingly, having collaborative contact with startups is critical to bringing the outside in and infusing new thinking into our marketing. Collider is a great accelerator partner for Unilever and our work with them and the startups will no doubt help our brands continue to innovate in the digital marketing space.”


The Collider startups on the 2013/2014 programme are:

  • Ad Venture: brings the power of the internet to TV advertising. Its proprietary technology allows broadcasters to serve their audience with adverts targeted according to the profile and interests of individual viewers.
  • CampaignAmp: simply effective project management and analytics for marketing and PR campaigns.
  • Cooala: a free mobile app for consumers which aggregates news, offers, photo streams and other brand content based on users’ brand interests.
  • LivingLens: creates insight from consumer video. It puts precise consumer feedback in front of marketers and insight professionals with ease and speed.
  • LovetheLook: automatically identifies and hotspots products in any web image and offers similar buying opportunities.
  • Seenit: helps you to engage with your audience through the co-creation of video.
  • StashMetrics: analyses social media behaviour, creates value from the voice of the crowd and connects brands with the things that matter to their audiences.
  • Sponsify: helps your brand to reach a highly engaged audience on YouTube through native advertising.
  • Sumo Insight: a mobile technology platform, bringing real-time and real-context to consumer insight.
  • Unrival: unlocks new ways for innovative companies to easily identify unique sales opportunities and develop client relationships with inside information.


Rose Lewis, the co-founder and driving force behind Collider, comments:  “The Collider programme is unique as it is a win-win situation for both parties. The startups receive product market validation from potential customers by senior brand managers as potential buyers of the product, while large businesses can work with innovative young companies who can help them with their marketing and customer engagement.”


Collider was founded in 2012 and funds ten startups every year. Startups can start applying for the 2015 programme in the summer of 2014.