Are You The Next Big Thing?

We have exciting news! Collider12 and The Bakery are partnering with ad:tech London to find 'The Next Big Thing'. This startup competition has been organised in partnership with ad:tech London, the interactive advertising and technology conference taking place on 11 & 12 September 2013.

The Next Big Thing is a nationwide competition to identify the startups that are creating the best technology to disrupt the world’s mass communications market. Known in their industry as “B2Brand” startups, the companies scrutinised in this competition will be developing products and services that help brands better engage with their consumers by meeting the challenges of consumer engagement, analytics, big data and data management or search.

B2Brand technology is a fast-growing industry segment in the UK. According to CB Insights, business-to-business companies account for 80% of the tech startups most likely to go public in the future.

To enter, startups must have been trading for less than two years and will need to submit applications to F6S before Friday 6th September 2013. For more details, click here

Shortlisted startups will be invited to present their businesses at ad:tech London in September in front of an experienced panel of digital marketing investors and cutting-edge brands.

The competition champion will win the opportunity to pitch their technology to a Unilever brand and hopefully pilot their technology with Unilever.  They will also be fast-tracked to the final round of the selection process for The Bakery and Collider12’s next incubation programmes. In addition, the winner and two runners-up will be invited to a number of networking events and meetings with Collider12 and The Bakery investment and brand partners, enabling them to extend significantly their professional networks and gain access to potentially influential business contacts.

The judging panel at ad:tech London will include:

-          Max Benitz, Principal, Ingenious Ventures

-          Conrad Poulson, Head of Startup Business, Orange France Telecom

-          Matt Pritchard, European Digital Planning Director, Kellogg’s

-          Anu Shah, Director of Ventures, BBH Global

-          Chris Sponiar, Principal, Unilever Ventures

About Collider12

Collider12 brings together forward-thinking investors, cutting-edge brands and ambitious entrepreneurs working on new technologies that disrupt mass communications markets. In doing so, we develop a strong ecosystem in which ‘B2Brand’ startup companies can flourish and accelerate their growth.

What the startups have in common is that they target their products at businesses. For example, the startups might be focused on improving a brand’s external communications; increasing consumer-engagement; or delivering customer analytics.

About The Bakery

The Bakery is the place where the brand world and tech world meet. We exist to get the most disruptive technology to market quicker. We run a bi-annual accelerator program where we match the knottiest brand problems with the most disruptive technologies and get them to market in 8 weeks.

 About ad:tech London

ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition – a marketplace for buying and selling, a community for networking, a forum for exchanging ideas and an opportunity for contributing to industry trends and initiatives.

Ten annual events around the world focus on top-notch education through keynote speakers, topic-driven panels and workshops as well as showcase the latest products and services to help implement new knowledge and ideas. Attendees leave ad:tech with the tools and techniques they need to compete in an ever-changing world.

About Ingenious

Ingenious is a market-leading financial services group providing investment and advisory expertise operating through four divisions. Ingenious is one of the leading investors in the UK’s creative industries and was founded by its Chief Executive, Patrick McKenna in 1998.

Ingenious Ventures is the private equity division of Ingenious. Ingenious Investments offers a range of alternative investments spanning media and entertainment, sport and leisure and clean energy. Ingenious Asset Management Limited provides discretionary investment management and innovative solutions to the private investor. Ingenious Corporate Finance provides comprehensive advice on strategy across a wide range of transactions focusing particularly on the media, entertainment and communications sectors.