Meet The Class of 2017 Amsterdam Cohort

BIG NEWS. Collider Amsterdam has officially chosen eight startups for investment off the back of their first Startup Selection Day, and now’s your chance to meet them.

From hundreds of hopeful applications and just eight spots up for grabs, the first Amsterdam cohort Selection Day saw 13 startups from 11 different countries pitching for their place.

Hosted in one of the biggest European startup hubs, B. Amsterdam – which is also the new home of Collider Amsterdam – hundreds of applications were whittled down to the top eight, and we can’t wait to tell you about them.

Amsterdam Collider Selection Day
Amsterdam Collider Selection Day

Meet the eight startups

1. ClicksHelp

An altruistic digital marketing product that helps to achieve better and more efficient conversions by linking clicks to charities.


A platform for real-time opinion research and analysis among consumers, customers, stakeholders and audiences.

3. Findur

Checks the current store stock of physical fashion stores, leads the way to the right stores, and in the meantime, collects valuable data for retailers.

4. Hyphen

AI driven operating system for customer support, that helps to improve customer service and reduce costs.

5. Paidtrends

A ‘crowd sourced advertising platform’ facilitating advertising on social media for a fraction of the regular price.

6. Recommendme

Helps companies to allocate their Ad words & FB expenses more effectively using AI, saving costs on analytics.

7. Roborzoid

A platform making the implementation and management of voice tech in products and services widely accessible.

8. SO! Sport

An exclusive mobile and social media advertising network that combines sport clubs in one network and allows members and fans to earn money for their club by viewing content.