DevLab LIVE: 3 Day Event to Unite Brands & Startups with Collider

DevLab LIVE is a new 3-day event (9-11th May) bringing innovators from the startup, digital anddeveloper communities together with big brands to build amazing solutions to real business challenges!

Held at Level 39, Europe’s largest FinTech accelerator in Canary Wharf, the event will kick off with a day of inspiring talks and workshops, including a special panel from Collider.

On Friday 9th May from 10-11am we will be running a discussion called 'Working with startups. Working with brands.' The panelists will have representatives from both startups and brands, while Collider co-founder Rose Lewis will be hosting and keeping the fight clean.

Topics to be discussed include the minefield of 3-month payment terms, bureaucratic procurement processes, and pushy startups. Learn from both sides of the fence as we ask brands and startups about how to work with each other, as both can benefit hugely if they do so.

Take up this exciting opportunity to get creative with like-minded and passionate people by signing up at the Eventbrite page. Early-bird tickets are available until Friday 25th April - don't miss out, buy your ticket now!