Moment.Us Teams Up with 7digital to Deliver a Unique Music Experience

7digital provides Moment . Us, a new streaming radio and music discovery app, with over 25 million tracks. The Moment.Us app allows users to discover music using emotions, environments, and experiences to tailor playlists.



7digital, the leading open digital music platform, today announced a partnership with Moment.Us Ltd., making its library of 25 million tracks available via Moment.Us’ streaming radio and music discovery app. The Moment.Us app allows users to discover music in a new way by using emotions, environments and experiences to tailor playlists. Unlike other streaming radio services that only use musicology, the app learns from contextual data such as pictures, locations and weather to personalise music.

“We wanted our app to be as simple as turning on the radio, but smart enough to deliver music that is personalised to what you want to hear, exactly at that moment”, says Andrew Ko, CEO of Moment.Us.  “The Moment.Us app offers a different kind of music discovery experience. The app can visualise how each song has touched the user’s life by capturing their most significant moments with music.  Our aim is to bring playlists to life!”

Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital comments, “We want to work with companies like Moment.Us that concentrate on delivering the best music experience in a creative way. The history of music and radio demonstrates that targeted services for music fans have an important place in the market. The Moment.Us app will offer a new music experience and we are excited that our API and streaming platform is behind this.”

7digital’s feature rich API allows partners a legally licensed offering to choose between a number of software methods and a global catalogue of over 25 million songs from all the major and independent music label distributors and aggregators. The 7digital API already provides digital music services to hundreds of partners globally including Samsung, BlackBerry, Microsoft, HTC, Sonos and now, Moment.Us.

The Moment.Us application is available to download free from the UK iTunes App Store.

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