New Language for New Startups

"Words, words, words" spoke Hamlet, and even over 400 years later, he's still got a good point. To state the obvious, words are pretty important. Of course I would say this, given that it's my job to write, but words are also crucial for startup businesses too, for which language can be a barrier or a booster. In order to get beyond the bedroom and into the boardroom, you need to have your idea clearly defined to accurately communicate it to friends, mentors, and brands. But with new technologies, how do you describe your ideas with words which are outdated, irrelevant, or confused?

One answer is to simply create new words which adequately describe your product and message. We have seen it happen almost inadvertently as internet giants secure themselves as a firm fixture in our daily lives. We tell each other to 'Google something', are encouraged to 'like' a page, or read a news report about trolls (please, do not feed them).

Of course, creating new words can be a tricky business. Sure, Shakespeare made it look easy by inventing over 1,700, but there are a few things to be clear on, so check out our tips below.

  1. Experiment

It is a developing process to define your word or words, so don't be afraid to test them out to see what sticks. Share your thoughts with friends, at networking events, and on social media channels to see what generates the best response. You'll soon realise which terms flow and which don't quite make the cut.

2. Embrace the challenge

There's no denying that it is tricky and may feel like a never-ending struggle. But the hard work could make you a wordsmith pioneer of the social internet age, so always have the challenge at the back of your mind while you're eating lunch or commuting.

3. Don't push it

The internet is a fickle place where memes can be created in hours, forgotten in a day, and ridiculed in a week. Terms cannot be forced onto the general public, but rest assured that if it resonates with them it will stick.

4. Protection

Once you're sure that your invented word is uniquely perfect, look into to patenting it for protection from envious others.

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