Productive *Collaboration*

The UK is the leader in creative industries: branding, creativity and marketing – that's why Collider12 is backing startups in this sector with investment, skills and brands.

Collider12 will focus on creative technology that helps brands - 'B2Brand' technology - tech that will help big brands with market engagement and ultimately help them sell more product. Collider12 is a year long programme and it will allow startups to develop a sustainable and attractive product for their customers. It's the connections with brands that will make Collider12 different. The ultimate customer of the creative technologies being built are the big brands. During the 'Collision Phase' of Collider12 the brands will engage with the startups during the product validation phase and help accelerate customer wins.

The mentoring offered will be from investors and entrepreneurs who have track records of success in the sector. The mentorship will be in execution of the business, not just by giving connections and access to capital but by giving the rigour, confidence and discipline required to make things happen. Most startups do not fail because they have a bad idea - many do have brilliant ideas - startups fail because they fail to execute. Collider12 helps with this execution by offering a year long programme rather than the traditional 3 months and gives mentoring from people who have built their own businesses, raised money, acquired and sold businesses and helped 100’s of companies do the same!