Why 'B2Brand'?

Shouldn't we go find the next Google? The next Instagram? What about another Angry Birds? They're creative, they use tech, no? Well, no.

Our investments from Collider12 will be unashamedly 'B2Brand'. The startups will have some smart, creative technology that help the big brands in a big way. This is what we know and these are the startups we'll help grow.

Like others we believe in B2B, but more so we believe that what the UK does so incredibly well is creativity joined with scalable technology. The investors and brands know that the UK does this better than anyone else - we understand the people, the technology and the potential. For their part, Notion Capital's investments will typically be £1m - £2m and they're confident of deal flow. "If you are an entrepreneur setting up a B2B business in Europe there aren’t that many VCs that are active. There isn’t anyone else with the ‘laser’ focus in that area that we have,” Jos White said.

With Jos and others having 'laser' focus at Series A but you need the seed round. Rose comments, "Being creative with technology that can help Brands is what England does so well - London is the home of creativity and there are incredible opportunities here right now - we can help from the crucial early stage and beyond, so if you're a tech 'B2Brand' startup get in touch with matthew@collider12.com".