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And drive the future of madtech together.


Co-invest in a portfolio of up to 10 hand-picked, ground breaking, early stage marketing, advertising and commerce startups in either London or Amsterdam.


If you have further questions, please visit our Investor FAQ here.

We provide early access to globally sourced investment opportunities, in a fast growth, impressive sector, where its innovation impacts all.

This is your chance to co-invest and play an active role alongside other smart angels, investing in startups found and screened by Collider, selected by you. And when the time comes, you could even choose to follow on in a further round, with potential for maximising returns.

What Collider does is make it easy to work your way through the startup investment process and to learn in a relatively safe environment. You can focus on one specific industry with an accelerator with a great track record, meet great startups, and great other investors too.
— Andy Porteous, 4x Collider Angel Investor

Our angel investors are a unique community of incredible people.
They're smart, savvy and most importantly, they know,
and have a passion for our space. 

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We're looking for people who are either: ex marketing, advertising or sales gurus, have a super power that could rock the world of our startups, and are smart, savvy and wise in their ways.