Purpose Meets Performance.

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Why great brands attended #1 of our series of peer-to-peer knowledge events

Many companies are aware of the importance of being purpose led. But often purpose remains a somewhat conceptual notion, detached from the business.
At the event the audience learned from “high purpose - high performance” brands and startups, presenting real use cases:

  • How company and brand purpose can be connected to real business results

  • How to translate purpose into the different touch points along the customer journey

  • How brands can collaborate with Tech for Good startups


Guest speakers include Niki Kauffmann-Schilling, Director of Innovation & Sustainability at Rituals, Coen de Ruiter, Managing Director of Independer, Dylan Ingham, CMO Innovation at The Student Hotel and Harm Jans, Way of Working Lead at Bol.com.
Niki quite literally let the audience experience the ‘helping to make you feel good’ brand purpose, share why Rituals is not just another cosmetics brand, and how this has helped them achieve as a business.

Coen shared the incredible success story of the Netherlands’ largest insurance comparison site and how they are passionately trying to make the world of insurance a happier experience throughout their customer journey. 

Dylan talked about how TSH took on the challenge to drive social value and impact into an existing commercial brand with highly commercial investors. He also facilitated a panel discussion with some amazing Tech for Good startups about their journey and the challenges of corporate-startup collaboration.

Harm Jans talked about how and why he started a bottom-up movement for self-organisation at bol.com, igniting a viral change with teams co-creating bol.coms own version of Holacracy. This helped a company of >1300 employees to remain loyal to its entrepreneurial roots, empowering people based on “trust, responsibility and craftmanship” to achieve awesome goals.

Plus, some amazing Tech for Good startups shared new ways to turn purpose into results, such as the ethical advertising platform Good-Loop and their client TOMS, the shoe company improving the lives of millions and running as a for-profit business.


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