How to survive & thrive in a connected world

Optimising customer experience and store economics with digital technologies

In the past years we’ve seen many well known retail chains struggle or disappear. To future proof their businesses, brick-and-mortar brands need to work harder than ever to stand out, have a meaningful message about what they are selling, and embrace innovation to elevate the customer experience. We also see direct-to-consumer brands looking to move from online retail towards offline sales channels to reengage customers in more personal and tangible ways.

In Collider’s second knowledge event, commercial and marketing leaders from retail chains will hear from experts and startups about the latest technologies to optimise both customer experience and store economics.


Rene Repko - Retail innovation in China
Rene Repko is one of the Netherlands’ leading retail marketeers. He helped leading retailers like Albert Heijn, HEMA, Sligro, Rituals and Action gain relevance and market share. René will take you on a journey to retail innovation in China, where we can see our retail future being shaped today.

Edgify - Clear Skies for Autonomous stores, Without a Cloud (computing) in Sight. 
In the world fuelled by a race to autonomous processes, AI is king. Retailers have been making efforts to achieve automation with Self Checkout, and fully autonomous stores. "Using conventional means of transferring data, it will take you 26 years to move an exabyte of data to the cloud" (Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, 2019) . Walmart  generates 1.6Tb per second across all its stores. Moving the process to the edge is the only solution to future proof brick and mortar stores wishing to adapt to the world of autonomous!

RapidPricer - Less waste and better margins: automated retail pricing
Kiran will talk about how RapidPricer helps retailers to increase margin and reduce waste by automating pricing and promotion in real time unlike traditional consulting solutions.  

Scoop Retail - The Store of the Future. Today.
Scoop Retail embeds digital into the DNA of brick and mortar stores - combining the flexibility, control and efficiencies of online retail with the benefits of real-world interactions. Scoop enables retailers to create & manage their store of the future, today. 



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