Hands on support to drive your sales success.


Especially for B2B tech startups*, Collider has designed a top class personalised training & coaching programme, providing hands on support from senior sales professionals

Light in class room theory, heavy in practical implementation

Driving quick results whilst building the fundamentals for long term success

* Because of the hands on coaching, startups need to be based in the Netherlands.

Many startups struggle with the
same challenges…

  • You don’t generate the right quantity or
    quality of Sales Leads

  • Your Sales Strategy relies on your
    (limited) network

  • You have low Close Rates

  • Your Sales Cycle is too long

  • You have inconsistent Sales

  • Customer Growth is too slow 

  • Your Sales Strategy is reactive

… and experience the same barriers
for growth

  1. Limited experience
    - Structuring the sales process
    - Selling to enterprises
    - SME sales automation
    - Effective implementation of sales tools & metrics

  2. Limited resources
    - Lack of time
    - You need to build the right team - how?

  3. Are the fundamentals right?
    - Product-market fit
    - Value proposition
    - Sales strategy

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We coach you in 3 steps
to sales success

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Business Assessment & Sales Review

  • Analysis of strategy, processes and behaviours in business that drive performance.

  • Are you selling to the right customers and charging the right price.

  • Do you have the right sales people with the right metrics?


Sales Strategy & Growth Planning

  • Strategic priorities

  • 30,60 and 90 day sales plans to drive sales growth with a focus on behavior change


Hands-on Implementation Support

  • Senior sales professionals will work with you, in your business, to implement what you’ve learned and the plans we’ve made together.

Collider Sales Programme Team

We’ve teamed up with senior sales professionals who are also business people – entrepreneurs who have built and sold businesses.
They understand what it takes to scale.

Rose Lewis

Rose Lewis

Piet Hein van Dam

Piet Hein van Dam

Olivier de Ruyver

Olivier de Ruyver

Edward Haarmans

Edward Haarmans


With the Sales Programme Team, we’ve developed three top class masterclasses.
As part of the Sales Programme, you can choose two to attend. You can also apply for a Masterclass separately.

Masterclass Effective Sales Conversations

So there you are – after all the plans and preparations – at the table with your client. Then, suddenly, it’s just a human being, and you need to connect. Then, it’s also a businessperson, who you need to understand in order to be able to help… Read on

Masterclass Growth Marketing for B2B startups

This masterclass is about using modern marketing to transform your business into a growth engine. In a hands-on day where you will learn about branding and messaging, b2b marketing tactics and channels, as well as practical hands-on exercises to help you create a cohesive marketing plan….. Read on

Masterclass Structuring your B2B Sales Process

Do you have your first couple of customers in, and are you ready to accelerate? This masterclass will give you the right knowledge and tools to get your sales machine going: from lead generation to long lasting partnerships…. Read on

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(If you want to apply for an individual Masterclass, please go to the related page)

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