Collider Alumni startups Frenzi and Threedium merge!

This week Collider alumni Frenzi Media and Threedium started operating as one company.
It was a love-at-first-sight moment once they joined forces to collaborate on their first joint activation back in March 2018. Ever since the two teams were working together in total sync for all major breakthroughs. Here is a list of what they initially built together since 2018:

Elite Crackers
Sainsbury's Wine Finder

The philosophy and culture remained conjuring throughout and as a landmark moment in both of the companies short history there is decided to merge the two entities together. The strategic approach was rather simply. Frenzi Media will bring a strong advantage on the commercial side of the company, whilst Threedium will continue pushing the boundaries on the tech side.

“Frenzi Media is excited to complete the merger with Threedium to pursue our mission of optimising online buying experiences for brands and fulfilling our common ambition of Democratising 3D Web Technologies to everyone ” Frenzi Media founders, Mike Charalambous and Kyriacos Kyprianou commented.

The main goal has always been – and remains – to bridge the gap between expectations and reality online and help create more lifelike online shopping experiences.

Frenzi Media was part of the Collider UK Class of 2017 and Threedium was part of the Collider UK Class of 2018. Threedium also spoke on the Demo Day 2018 of Collider Amsterdam.