Our most frequently asked questions.



+ What’s your application process?

We have an 'always on' approach to applications – they're rolling and ongoing and you can choose to join either the London or Amsterdam programmes.

In London, we'll accept startups each quarter, and in Amsterdam, twice per year.

We have four selection stages:

  1. An online application form for London or Amsterdam.
  2. We'll chat via video call to talk through your application and your company. If we think you could be a good fit, we’ll invite you for a chat to explore further.
  3. The next stage is a video interview with Collider partners: you’ll do a quick pitch, followed by a Q&A to better understand your business, team, and motivations.
  4. The final stage is Startup Selection Day, where you'll have the opportunity to live pitch to our investors. They're the ones who make the final call on which startups to invite to join the Collider programme and invest in.

We'll let you know at each stage the outcome of our conversations, and following the second phase, provide more detailed feedback if it's a no.

+ When is the deadline to apply?

In the UK, our applications are 'always on' and we'll have a cut off quarterly for each of the four cohorts per year.

If you miss the quarterly cut off, don't panic! Your application will go straight through to the next cohort.

If you apply to one cohort and don't make it, you will be eligible to apply for the next cohort. This is valid for the Amsterdam programme too.

+ Why do you only invest in teams?

Our programme is pretty intense - sometimes our startups need to be in two places at once, attending events, conferences, dealing with tech; all the while meeting with current or prospective clients, building proposals, seeking investment and building relationships in the ecosystem.

There are ups and downs that are part of the fabric of building businesses and having a co-founder can help you navigate these waters. Also, no one knows it all, so having a co-founder helps your business grow with a more rounded set of skills.

You should also see Collider as an additional co-founder; we're here to help and get you through the challenges so you can enjoy the successes.

+ Do you accept sole founder teams?

In principle we don't, as we believe in investing in great teams. That being said, if you are a technical founder and have built something already, we'd love to have a chat.

+ Do you accept teams without developers on the founding team?

We do, BUT you will have to commit to bringing on an in-house developer as a priority. For later stage applications, we also require the product to be built, and all IP needs to be owned by your company.

+ Am I a fit for the programme?

We invest in marketing and sales technology companies - B2B or B2B2C businesses that help corporates find, understand, engage, sell to or retain customers. If you think that's you, then get in touch!

+ What do you define as marketing, advertising and ecommerce tech?

Marketing, advertising and commerce technology companies are B2B or B2B2C businesses that help corporates find, understand, engage, sell to or retain customers.

Areas of particular interest for us include:

Digital marketing, nedia tech, social intelligence, business intelligence, customer success analytics, analytics, data and insight and account based marketing software.

We'd love to hear from companies utilising AI, natural language interpretation and voice and visual technology, as we believe these have significant potential for disruption.

If you don't see your approach on this list but believe you fulfil our definition of marketing, advertising and commerce tech - get in touch, we'd still love to hear from you!

+ I have an idea, but no product built yet, can Collider still help me?

Feel free to drop us a message, or if you're sure about your idea and have a roadmap in place to execute it, go ahead and apply and we can talk that way. We appreciate every startup is different and are happy to talk if you're not sure.

+ Our company is based outside the UK, are we eligible for the London programme?

Yes, you are. We will require you to register as a UK Limited Company and operate from the UK for a period (usually the duration of your programme). You will also have to open a bank account in the UK to receive investment. This usually takes some time and we recommend you do this as soon as you can.

Finally, we will also require you to have Advance Assurance – we highly recommend arranging this as soon as you apply as it takes at least 6 weeks to process, and will delay any investment if it isn't in place.

+ Our company is based outside The Netherlands, are we still eligble for the Amsterdam programme?”

Yes, you are, but we will require you to register as a Dutch Limited Company and operate from The Netherlands for a period (usually the duration of your programme). If you wish, it is possible to keep your local company and make it a 100% subsidiary of your new company in The Netherlands.

You will also have to open a company bank account in the Netherlands to receive investment. This usually takes some time, especially if you are not from the EU, and should be initiated as soon as you get selected. We will help you with this process. We can also help you with applying for a startup visa.


+ How much investment do you offer?

In London, we offer two levels of investment - one for early stage companies and one for later stage (companies with some proof of value with commercial traction or prior fundraising).

For earlier stage companies, we off £50,000 of investment for 8% to 12% of ordinary share equity in your company. Of this, we charge a fee of £15,000 for your time with us which means that your net investment is £35,000.

For slightly later stage companies, we offer £100,000 of investment for 8% to 12% of ordinary share equity in your company. Of this, we charge a fee of £30,000 for your time with us which means that your net investment is £70,000. Our investments will be made under SEIS or EIS.

In Amsterdam, we offer €50.000 for 8% ordinary share equity in your company. Of this investment, we charge a fee of €12.500 + VAT for our accelerator programme packed with training, coaching-sessions and valuable industry connections. This means that you receive €37.500 net cash.

+ Who are the investors - will I meet them?

Our angel investors are high net worth individuals who mainly come from the marketing, advertising and commerce tech sectors. They are seasoned professionals with past or current experience within ad agencies, major marketing functions for corporates, or have built and sold businesses themselves.

They have extensive networks within the market and are specialists in what they do. You should come to regard your investors as your mentors as there's plenty of chance to engage and build relationships with them.

+ For the UK programme, can I apply for the £100k if I have already got the £50k from Collider?

In a nutshell, yes. The £100k offer is for companies who have proof of value through commercial traction or prior fundraising.

We'd be more than happy to consider you for further investment, but you would need to participate in the application process with other companies.

+ Does participating in the Collider programme make it easier to raise money afterwards?

We all know how hard it is to raise cash on your own. The Collider 4C model - cash, coaching, connections and community - helps you find your product market fit at an accelerated(!) rate, and opens up doors that help you build meaningful relationships with customers and investors.

We'll give you a competitive advantage and a badge, and our little black book will get you seen by more people, faster.

The offer

+ What is expected when participating in the programme?

You'll be expected to attend all of our workshops (even if you think you've got an understanding of the topic already, it's a great way to get to know your peers and learn from them). Furthermore, we expect you to attend our monthly portfolio reviews and our social events, and of course, opportunities with our corporate partners.

We can't stress enough that in our experience, companies who interact the most and seize the opportunities provided are the ones who go on to be the most successful.

+ Do you have office space?

In London, we don't provide office space - our network is truly global and our companies are free to base themselves where they see fit.

In Amsterdam, we provide two hot desks for each startup participating in the programme. You are also free to work from another location.

If you are seeking office space in London or Amsterdam, we can connect you to contacts in the ecosytem and it's up to you to take it from there.

+ Do you offer free services as part of the programme?

Each startup is eligible for benefits from partners such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, SendGrid, Hubspot, IBM and more. These benefits include discounted access to platforms, technology credits, and support from experts to help start and shape your business. We confirm these benefits annually and full details are made available at the commencement of each programme!

+ How does Collider accelerate and support companies?

First of all, we're a specialist in your sector. Secondly - we've got five cohorts and over 50 investments under our belt - more than enough experience to know what works, and what doesn't.

Our investors (and your future investors) come from your market, and understand it like no one else. They're specialists themselves, and have access to networks that open doors.

Our corporate partners offer you a fast-track opportunity to commercial traction. The sessions with these partners are curated and attended by senior individuals. Their challenges are relevant to your solution, and they're looking to get those challenges solved, saving you time by putting you in front of the right person, at the right time.

And one more thing - our team. The decades of experience and specialism that exists in the Collider team means you always have someone you can turn to, whether it's a little niggle or an enormous speed bump.

Your time at Collider is what you make of it. You can interact a little, or a lot, or even none at all (although we love spending time with our companies). But in our experience, the ones who interact a lot, and take the opportunities we can offer with both hands, are the ones who are scaling.

+ How and when do I meet with the corporates?

As part of the programme, we will build and refine your proposal, pitch and sales techniques.

We'll aim to put you in front of our corporate partner network from the fourth week onwards, initially from a mentoring perspective, so you can build relationships and understand how your technology can solve your problems.

On an ongoing basis we'll invite you to join our corporate partner events (which are commercial opportunities) where the opportunity is relevant.

+ What happens after Demo Day and when the programme is over?

As one of our partners loves to say - 'we're the Hotel California; you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!'

We invite all of our companies to attend our events, and where there's a relevant opportunity, invite our past companies to participate in our corporate partnership sessions.

Our door is always open if you need something. We have companies from our first ever cohort who still come and ask for advice and guidance, and our numbers show that the companies that attend our events, keep in touch and let us know about the highs AND the lows are the most successful from a commercial and fundraising perspective.

For UK investors

+ How does the investment work in the UK?

Collider and its investors will select up to 12 startups over four cohorts per year (one cohort per quarter).

A minimum of £250,000 from all investors will be made available every three months to be invested into at least three companies.

• Each later stage company (EIS) will receive £100,000 investment for 8-12% of total share capital, which will result in a valuation for each company in the range of £833k - £1.25m • Each early seed stage company (SEIS) will receive £50,000 investment for 8-12% of total share capital, which will result in a valuation for each company in the range of £500k - £625k

Collider will receive 2% equity of the total in each of the selected companies. Each £100,000 investor will be awarded bonus shares in each startup as part of the Collider Management Ltd. Investors who invest £100k will each share in part of this equity, which will be made available by Collider.

It is important to note that investors equity will be split across the cohort (although not necessarily evenly), depending on the investment received by each startup.

+ How much can I invest?

Collider offers three different levels of investment – £25,000, £50,000 and £100,000. The amount invested will define the investment structure.

• £25,000 – The investment will be equally split into two of four cohorts. The investment will be made in the next two cohorts, therefore; the time of year the investor signs the investment agreement will define which cohorts the investments are made. • £50,000 - The investment will be split equally across all four cohorts. The time of year the investor signs the investment agreement will define which cohorts the investments are made. • £100,000 - The investment will be split equally across all four cohorts. The time of year the investor signs the investment agreement will define which cohorts the investments are made.

+ Can I invest using EIS/SEIS?

The investments are aimed to be EIS and in some cases SEIS. In extraordinary cases where no tax incentive is available, investments will be subjective to investors consent.

Whilst the aim is approximately four SEIS investments over the year, it is expected most of investments – approximately eight – to be made under EIS, as we are targeting later stage companies with a proven model over the course of 2018.

+ What equity will I receive?

The equity will vary depending on the individual investment level.

• X = Number of shares held by Collider Nominees on behalf of the individual investor • Y = Number of shares held in each company, which represents 8-12% of the entire share capital • = Overall commitment by each individual investor (as set out in the relevant commitment letter) • A = Total investment by all investors (aggregate)

• X = Y x (O/A)

+ Why do Collider receive 2% equity?

Although we take programme fees from each startup, this doesn’t truly reflect the lifetime of support and coaching the Collider co-founders and team provide to each and every one. The programme fees exist to support Collider the business, and equity received by Collider Nominees enables an ongoing incentive to grow each startup’s equity base and prospects for scale.

+ Do I have pre emption rights?

You do! As part of the offer to Collider investors you have pre-emption rights in all of the companies we collectively choose to invest in. This means you get preferential access to further follow on rounds and can increase your stake in the companies you want to back. Depending on how each company conducts their follow-on rounds, they will notify you when they are fundraising.

+ Do you have an anti dilusion clause?

We do not. We get asked this a lot and we believe that an anti-dilution clause dissuades future angel investors and VCs from investing in our startups – thus impacting their future rounds. However, investors do have pre-emption rights. To avoid dilution there’s the option to follow on in future rounds. Following in future rounds is a trend amongst investors over the past five years.

+ Why do I/we invest in a portfolio?

By investing in a portfolio, you are doing two key things – diversifying your investment, and simultaneously de-risking it. Spreading your investment across a cohort of startups could potentially increase your chances of a good return – it’s commonly known in our market that in most portfolios, 1-2 startups normally pay for the whole fund (although at the stage we meet the companies it will be hard to gauge who of the companies this will be). Furthermore, by investing early, you are acquiring capital in these organisations at a far better rate than when they start to scale.

In addition, by investing in a portfolio you have the change to work and add value to a larger number of companies and their different technologies.

+ When do you need the money?

Collider will draw down the amount required from you 14 working days before each Selection Day.

+ How do I pay?

You can pay by BACS to the Collider Nominees Bank account – full details of which will be provided to you during the legal process.

+ Do you require all of the money upfront?

If you have invested £25,000 we will draw down £12,500 14 working days before the relevant Selection Day. If you have invested £50,000 or £100,000 we will draw this down in £25,000 instalments 14 working days before the relevant Selection Day.

+ Are you FCA regulated?

We operate as an investment club, and use an authorised legal and financial process through organisations who work with us on the appropriate due diligence on all of the startups we invest in as part of the recruitment process and prior to the money being invested in each individual company.